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CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1.3
... ) that are defined ... a New Name Attribute ... “name” attribute : Attribute ... “name” attribute can be used ... following profiles are defined ... “name” attribute will match any ... ... Name and Function Attributes Are Available for ... ... has two new attributes : Attribute The function attribute can be used ... ... If no function attribute is specified The name attribute can be used ... contains no name attribute , it will ... * fields * fields fields are ignored ... disabled, the fields named UserOption0101 ... * fields field can be used ... , CHECKIN, defines how the user ... * fields ... field can be used ... with the following attributes at the <options> level: ... The selected ZDDOPTS members will be copied
CMS-XML Issue specifying default DB2 subsystem in ZDDOPTS BUILD member
A customer is unable to define a default DB2 subsystem id ( field name Db2Subsystem) in the ZDDOPTS BUILD member that displays when a component is staged or built in ZMF4ECL. Regardless of specified value the field is always set to ‘blank’. ... However it can be reproduced using customer-supplied ZMF data.
CMS-XML The DOC for the ZDDOPTS BUILD member shows 0-32 as the length for the label attribute, but over 200 bytes are actually passed if defined.
The ZDDOPTS documentation indicates that 0-32 bytes can be specified for the label attribute , however, at least 200 bytes can actually be passed \ displayed. ZDD accepts and displays up to 64 bytes as well. 200 bytes are being specified for the label.
CMS-XML Web Services XJRJESTYPE needs additional fields defined
Users cannot connect to ZMF from the ZMF4ECL plug-in, because Web Services rejects the ENVIRONMENT LIST response because XJRJESTYPE is D in their environment. The Web Services definition only permits '2' or '3'. Any Character should be permitted in this field
CMS-XML WD4ZMF 2.1.1: The ZDDOPTS Default attribute not working as documented.
According to the Doc, when the DEFAULT ATTRIBUTE is used in the BUILD member, it: According to the Doc, when the DEFAULT ATTRIBUTE is used in the BUILD member, it: Defines what value is automatically inserted in the
CMS-XML CMN8730I - Input field Problem Cont. Code has invalid data.
Steps To Reproduce :
CMS-XML ZDD: Ignoring HLLX PCRE0007 (installation site) dataLocked field
A customer has configured HLLX PCRE0007 to automatically define a new package’s installation sites and related details. They have also locked these fields so that the information should not be able to be amended during the package creation process. This works as expected in ISPF and ZMF4ECL.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL SAXException when using HLLX to preset package create createMethod field
{}stackTrace:org.xml.sax.SAXException: Invalid element in com.serena.zmf.webservices.client.internal.RemoteExitServices.PackageCreateRemoteExitResultsResult - createMethod ... Problem reported and reproduced on ZMF4ECL client (build 322) and 8.1.1 web services (build 213).
CMS-XML ZDD package filter window incorrectly displays 'Requestor name' instead of 'Creator'
In ZDD, if a ZMF Server – Application – Package filter is defined for an instance running a release lower than ZMF 8.1.1, we correctly display one of the available filter criteria as being the package ‘Creator:’. Attempting to define the same filter when connected to a ZMF 8.1.1 or higher release incorrectly displays the filter criteria as ‘Requestor name:’ or the value used to override that field in ISPF option A.G.9.
CMS-XML Corrupt-looking message returned to ZMF4ECL user in response to SER9008E message
The libraries could not be expanded and there were no clues to the cause. After research we found that they had NULLFILE defined in both the shadow and promotion library 1 fields for many library types in ZMF application admin. A trace showed that this was resulting in a SER9008E (not authorized) message in the started task attempting to expand the member list and, in turn, the invalid error message being issued by ZMF4ECL.
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