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CMS-XML ZDD 7.1: ZMF Member Level Security not properly checked by ZDD.
Within RACF these user IDs are set up with ' restricted ' access and are only allowed to access components / datasets via ZMF. Dataset access outside of ZMF is 'restricted' and therefore should not be allowed at all.
CMS-XML ZDD: ZDDOPTS COMMAND member not working
However, using the ZDD (build 502) client this appears to have no effect. All options are available to the restricted user despite disconnection/reconnection and refreshing the options. We have also tried all uppercase (as per the delivered samples) and mixed case (as per the doc).
CMS-XML ZMF for Eclipse does not provide appropriate access, when dataset are protected.
Customer has baseline and other datasets defined with UACC(NONE) and have allowed the ZMF started task USERID to have update access. This allows users to be able to checkout and edit members within the ISPF and ZDD clients. Since ZMF4ECL uses XML Services to communicate with and transfer data to and from the client, access to the dataset is restricted and attempts to access data fails with 'AAA.BB.CCCC.DDDD' is a protected data set" messages.
CMS-XML ZDDOPTS COMMAND not working correctly when enabling and disabling options.
The problems with enabling/disabling commands is not limited to Submit XML (DEF205958). Create a profile for your userid in which BuildComponent, CheckInComponent, CheckOutComponent, LockComponent and UnLockComponent are explicity enabled. All of the other commands are explicitly and individually disabled (no wildcard).
CMS-XML LIC0028W and LIC0049W Warning Messages
When running any Serena mainframe product that uses SER10TY 4.x (i.e. XML) license keys, users are liable to see the following warning messages: LIC0028W System capacity (nnn MSU) exceeds limit for <product> license (nnn MSU), within warning range. LIC0049W <product> allowed to continue with license validation errors.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL - 'components' and 'libtype' keywords are ignored for CHECKOUT ZDDOPTS member.
The 'components' and 'libtype' keywords are ignored for CHECKOUT ZDDOPTS member. Customer wants to have the User Option Fields only apply to 1 library type and wants to limit the ZMF4ECL BATCH checkouts to 1 member at a time, so that each member can potentially have different options.
CMS-XML ZDD crashing with “NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS”/error 0x00000035
Symptoms: - the problem is limited to some machines in the customer's environment but the issue can be easily recreated on these machines.
CMS-XML Disaster Recovery Keys for Mainframe Products
Disaster Recovery keys and temporary keys are available to customers with an active support contract. DR keys and temp keys for test purposes are limited to a maximum of 4 requests per year, and for no more than 3 days per request. If your requirements exceed these guidelines, please contact your sales representative.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1 and
if you click again on the column heading. Description Field Is Limited to 35 Characters for Components Checked In with SSV Enabled The text that you enter in the Description field is truncated
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1.3
You can use these check boxes to limit what is included on the Other Options page of the Build wizard. If neither box is checked, the Other Options page is not displayed
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