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CMS-XML Double clicking on a non-PDS/PDSE item in Data Set tree no longer opens file.
Double clicking on a non- PDS /PDSE item in Data Set tree no longer opens file.
CMS-XML Problems related to ZDD binary file checkin processing
Org Input dataset name + Target lib PACKAGE DFA ACTIVE 20170601 071203 SNEVIN *WARNING PDS CMNSUP.A008 E .#D29F6 E 7.#8D96473.DFA
CMS-XML Properties show no Member Count and no Directory Blocks in Serena Perspective.
If you create a PDS dataset say with 187 (text) members in it; in the properties window of the dataset in question the SERENA Perspective shows no Member Count and no Directory Block usage.
CMS-XML Plug-in should get an exclusive enqueue when checkin from zOS DSN is used.
Customer is able to checkin a member from a PDS , that is currently being edited in RDz or in ISPF. If the changes to the member are subsequently saved, the changes are not present in the member in the ZMF staging dataset. The ZMF4ECL plug-in interface should get an exclusive enqueue on the member during checkin, to ensure this situation is not allowed.
CMS-XML Windows Explorer hangs when opening a file in the ZDD dataset view.
There is a problem when in the ZDD dataset view when you open a member the Windows Explorer hangs. The problem occurs when a PDS member has an invalid date field in the directory entry, perhaps due to a corrupted directory entry or perhaps no ISPF stats.
CMS-XML Issue in using "Save As" in Wordpad or Notepad++.
In ZDD if you go to the datasets folder and list all your datasets, open a PDS and select a member to edit. Open the component in either Wordpad or Notepad++, then edit this and issue a Save As because you want to call it another name. You get different errors if you do this in Wordpad or Notepad++.

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