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Article Support Platform Matrix for Serena Products
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the supported client-side and server-side information, including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, Serena product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths.
CMS-XML Disabling non-ZMF functions from client pack interfaces
Access to these folders in ZMF4ECL is controlled via the contents of the ZDDOPTS COMMAND member. The DataSetView, JobView, UssView and even the ZmfView options can be set to explicitly enable or disable access to the folders. For example, the following would display the z/ OS Data Sets, z/ OS USS Files and the ZMF Server folders but remove the z/ OS Jobs from the user interface:
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Users unable to create new package components containing national characters (L10N/I18N)
Problem recreated running ZMF4ECL 8.2.5 HF 7 Build 573 running against a ZMF 8.2 Patch 5 Server . The problem does not affect new dataset members created under the z/ OS Data Sets folder running the same ZMF4ECL build.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1.2
... Super and Complex Packages Subtree Is Now ... ... super/complex packages that allows you ... ... access associated participating packages . ... the z/ OS interface, to ... from the Server Properties page to the appropriate objects in Serena Explorer view. ... ZMF Packages (new) ... This enhancement enables you to install ZMF Web Services on either z/ OS ... You can override the default setting on the ZMF Server Properties page. ... to the menu that appears if you select a server in the Serena Explorer view. ... on the server to which ZMF for Eclipse is connected, selecting this option reloads all ZDDOPTS member for that server .
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1.3
... the target ZMF server : ... used for both Package Create and Package Update) If neither box is checked, ... If box is not checked ... ... local file to package ... the target ZMF server is used to ... Package ... components from another package . ... Now Use the PACKAGE SYSLIB SERVICE ... the new ZMF PACKAGE SYSLIB SERVICE by ... ... should use the PACKAGE SYSLIB SERVICE or ... ... that z/ OS 2.3 ... for Packages if the Installation ... for package resources. ... displayed next to packages if the package installation date has ... ... of z/ OS 2.1 ... Build Box Is Disabled
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1 and
... 8.1 server to enable this ... Attach a package to a release at package -create time ... ... or detach a package during package properties processing. ... 8.1 server to enable this ... ... rows on the Package Approval dialog is ... ... the z/ OS Projects view. ... the z/ OS Projects view exceeded ... for a package in the tree ... Package Information Is Now ... in Addition to Package ID The Package ID, Status, and Package Title (for ... DEV - Demo Package ) is now ... view for all packages . Complex Packages Can Now Be ...
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1.1 and
... communications with the server . ... the z/ OS server must also be ... ports for the server , as well ... ... ports under the server . ... the z/ OS server is configured ... Connection to the server will fail if ... the z/ OS server . for a server , all communications ... ... on the Main Package Create Dialog Are ... ... Fields on the package create / package properties dialog can ... Wizards for Package Create, Build ... is a high-performance, multi-threaded Web server that applies fine-grained security policy to the Tivoli-Access-Manager-protected Web object space.
CMS-XML z/OS 2.5 Compatibility with ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM and StarTool IOO
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack 8.2 Patch 5 ChangeMan
CMS-XML Packages created under prior ZMF versions cannot be accessed under ZMF 7.1.2 server
Packages created under prior ZMF versions cannot be accessed under ZMF 7.1.2 server
CMS-XML Server selection button is greyed out when checking in from z/OS perspective.
Issue checking in new component from personal library in RDz z/ OS perspective. The dialog is asking for server but button inactive (greyed out).
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