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CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.2
audit error messages in that ... ... Eclipse Supports the Global Notification File Facility ... to view the Global Notification File has ... ... to read the global notification file during ... ... Display ZDDOPTS Parsing Errors in a Dialog ... to the Eclipse error log for any errors encountered during the ... ... when a ZDDOPTS error is encountered EXIT35=Y is the default if this option is not specified . ... in ZMF global administration on the target server. ... If you exceed this limit, you get a warning prompt when you press the “Finish” button, and you have ... If “warn” or “max” is not specified
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1.3
There is also a ZMF Global Administration option that can be used ... When the ZDDOPTS Sample Export Wizard appears, select the desired ZDDOPTS member, and specify an output folder. ... to the specified folder. ... ZMF4ECL Now Issues Concurrent Development Warning Messages
CMS-XML When in the ZDDOPTS BUILD member is made a comment, ZDD issues an error.
When the <multiple init="All"/> statement is made into a comment, ZDD issues an error. If <!-- <multiple init="All"/> --> is added as the 3 line of the ZDDOPTS BUILD member as a comment, “Server xxxx/xxxx has invalid XML data specified in ZDDOPTS member BUILD. Incorrect comment syntax (Line 4, Position3) “ is issued when a a build request is attempted for the first time.
CMS-XML ZMF User's Guide: Incorrect description of scheduled promotion behaviour
“A scheduled promotion may be full or selective. For full promotion, the component list is generated at run time. For selective promotion, you specify the list of components to be promoted when you request the scheduled promotion.”
CMS-XML Getting message "Add to project error - logical resource not found" during checkout processing.
Checkout to personal data set using ZMF4ECL and specify a data set that contains lower case data. Data set is allocated correctly and the checkout is completed but the data set is not added to the RDz project. Changing the data set name to upper case fixes error message.
CMS-XML Error message does not indicate what the problem is, when no packages meet filter criteria.
Error message does not indicate what the problem is, when no packages meet the filter criteria. For example, when First and Last Package Numbers specified are greater than the current ‘last’ package in the application.
CMS-XML WD4ZMF: Package create does not take scheduler default from global definitions
Use of the wrong scheduler is is liable to cause problems later in the package life cycle.
CMS-XML Multiple component build requests ignore existing component history
When selecting multiple components for build processing in ZMF4ECL, all existing component history taken from baseline or the package itself is overridden by the options specified in the current build dialog. This is incorrect and the user should be given the opportunity to dictate whether the options specified on this build request or the existing component history should be used.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1 and
After the first user starts an edit, any subsequent users will get a warning message indicating that the component is being edited by another user and a diff report ... ZMF for Eclipse, an error message was issued ... ZMF Global Administration Appear on ChangeMan ... ZMF global administration, the renamed fields appear in ChangeMan ... Refer to global administration functions in the
CMS-XML Auto-Allocate Personal Library setting has no effect
"Directs ZMF4ECL to automatically allocate the specified personal library if it does not exist." ... The file must be pre-allocated and failure to do so will result in the following error being seen in the started task:
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