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CMS-XML ZMF4ECL - wrong sort order for components named AA...
All components named AA… are placed at the bottom of the component list (see example). It has also been identified that (native) RDz has the same problem.
CMS-XML ZDD package filter window incorrectly displays 'Requestor name' instead of 'Creator'
Attempting to define the same filter when connected to a ZMF 8.1.1 or higher release incorrectly displays the filter criteria as ‘Requestor name:’ or the value used to override that field in ISPF option A.G.9. The package creator field is separate to the requestor name and will almost always contain a different value. ZDD correctly continues to use the package creator field when processing the filter.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: # symbol incorrectly converted in dataset name processing for some CCSIDs
However, when using codepage 1142 (Denmark, Norway) or 1147 (France) the attempt fails with the following error : UTILITY DATA SET NOT ALLOCATED, SYSTEM OR INSTALLATION ERROR. TEXT UNIT '0002' CONTAINS INVALID PARAMETER.
CMS-XML New Component name validation failure
Observed an error in the new component process for HFS names . Name is validated using data set member name validation, rather than HFS naming validation..
CMS-XML Checkin from external dataset fails for three character application names
Attempts to check-in a component from the Data Sets folder to a package with a three character name fail. The package name in the check-in window is truncated to three characters (i.e. no number) and when check-in is attempted it fails with the following error message:
CMS-XML Several valid ZDDOPTS COMMAND member fields generating ‘!MESSAGE Name field invalid.’ messages
A number of valid ZDDOPTS COMMAND fields, several of which are included in the sample member supplied with ZDD, generate invalid error messages at ZMF Server logon time in ZMF4ECL. For example:
CMS-XML Getting message "Add to project error - logical resource not found" during checkout processing.
Checkout to personal data set using ZMF4ECL and specify a data set that contains lower case data. Data set is allocated correctly and the checkout is completed but the data set is not added to the RDz project. Changing the data set name to upper case fixes error message.
CMS-XML Error when filters contain national characters.
fine and everything seems ok, but after a restart of RDz, the filters, or in worst case, the whole ZMF server definitions are lost, and all have to be recreated by hand. This is a problem because they use ChangeMan application names like DLØN or DFÆL and library types like æ01 or LSÅ. The reason are, when closing RDz, wrong content were written
CMS-XML Baseline library member names containing national characters are not being translated correctly
Component/member names in baseline libraries that contain 'national' characters (i.e. #, @ and $ in US terms) are not being translated in the expected manner for non-US environments. They can be browsed but attempts to execute functions against them are liable to fail with ‘member not found’-type errors . The same member names are displayed and processed correctly in other ZMF4ECL folders (e.g. Data Sets, package library types, etc.).
CMS-XML Issue with second checkout to overlay same named component in a pkg.
In ZDD V8.1.1.01, with “Overlay prior staged module” admin flag being selected in the Application Admin of ZMF 71303, it is not possible to perform a component checkout from baseline function after the same component was previously checked out and activated in the same package. The overlay warning does come up, but then is it followed by the CMN2330I message:
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