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CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1.1 and
Access Manager WebSEAL ... is a high-performance, multi-threaded Web server that applies fine-grained security policy to the Tivoli-Access- Manager -protected Web object space. The Step Name Is Added ... The job step name has been added on job log tree view output so that you can see the JCL job step name that produces the output.
CMS-XML field name="UserOptions" for PKGPROP is not recognized by ZMF4ECL plug-in.
Customer attempted to use the default / shipped PKGPROP member and "!MESSAGE Name field invalid. name = 'UserOptions'" is issued when plug-in starts.
CMS-XML Default z/OS Job filter cannot be removed.
When a new filter is added under z/OS Job Filter, the default value ( Job Name : <userid>* Owner * ) cannot be removed.
CMS-XML Db2Subsystem tag in the ZDDOPTS BUILD member is not processed correctly.
When "<field name ="Db2Subsystem" readonly="Y" default ="xxxx"/>" is specified, ZDD client ignores the default value and field is not made readonly.
CMS-XML Db2Subsystem tag in the ZDDOPTS BUILD member is not processed correctly.
When "<field name ="Db2Subsystem" readonly="Y" default ="xxxx"/>" is specified, a) the 'default' is never set. b) readonly 'is' processed so the value cannot be updated.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL 8.1.2: Package filter cannot enter ‘Package List’ names
ZMF4ECL 8.1.2: Package filter cannot enter ‘Package List’ names
CMS-XML Baseline library member names containing national characters are not being translated correctly
Component/member names in baseline libraries that contain 'national' characters (i.e. #, @ and $ in US terms) are not being translated in the expected manner for non-US environments. They can be browsed but attempts to execute functions against them are liable to fail with ‘member not found’-type errors. The same member names are displayed and processed correctly in other ZMF4ECL folders (e.g. Data Sets, package library types, etc.).
CMS-XML ZDDOPTS COMMAND member: SubmitXML cannot be disabled
Setting <command name ="SubmitXml" enable="N"/> in the ZDDOPTS COMMAND member has no effect for ZMF4ECL users. Users can still submit XML requests once this has been set. ZDD is unaffected by this problem.
CMS-XML Site name list not being correctly filtered
The site name dropdown list in the "New Package" wizard for DP sites, is not being correctly filtered to exclude sites with no production libraries. The same is true for the GetSiteNames method of the ZosApplication class of the .NET API, which gets its site names from the same source.
CMS-XML Issue specifying default DB2 subsystem in ZDDOPTS BUILD member
A customer is unable to define a default DB2 subsystem id (field name Db2Subsystem) in the ZDDOPTS BUILD member that displays when a component is staged or built in ZMF4ECL. Regardless of specified value the field is always set to ‘blank’. The problem is not consistent and we have been unable to recreate it using homegrown data. However it can be reproduced using customer-supplied ZMF data.
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