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CMS-XML Search function not honouring defined Editor.
Using the search functionality within ZDD on a component and trying to edit the component the editor doesn’t honour the specified editor in the ZDD properties. The editor always defaults to the ChangeMan DS editor.
CMS-XML Windows Explorer Search function not working when ZDD is installed
Windows Search function in Explorer does not working for Mapped Drives when ZDD is installed on a Windows 7 machine.
CMS-XML Selective promote selections are not in order and cannot be sorted.
When selective promotion is performed, the order of the components is not alphabetical and cannot be sorted. This makes it difficult to find components in the list, by name and/or by library type.
CMS-XML HFS files cannot be opened if copied.
//*********/file.txt was not found .
CMS-XML Getting message "Add to project error - logical resource not found" during checkout processing.
Checkout to personal data set using ZMF4ECL and specify a data set that contains lower case data. Data set is allocated correctly and the checkout is completed but the data set is not added to the RDz project. Changing the data set name to upper case fixes error message.
CMS-XML Baseline library member names containing national characters are not being translated correctly
Component/member names in baseline libraries that contain 'national' characters (i.e. #, @ and $ in US terms) are not being translated in the expected manner for non-US environments. They can be browsed but attempts to execute functions against them are liable to fail with ‘member not found ’-type errors. The same member names are displayed and processed correctly in other ZMF4ECL folders (e.g. Data Sets, package library types, etc.).
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL always ‘OR’ing search requests
Tested/recreated on ZMF4ECL The fix for DEF246029 (ZMF Scan is not equal to SRCHFOR ISPF function) is installed in both systems.
CMS-XML No auto reconnect if edit session is left overnight.
A workaround has been found : • Startup RDz (and get the garbage window) • Close the Serena Perspective
CMS-XML When attempting to compare staging to baseline -1 version, customer is getting member not found.
To correct this issue, upgrade to a modern supported release of ZMF. This issue was reported when running against a ZMF server. The issue is not present in more modern supported ZMF releases.
CMS-XML 'Logical Resource not found’ attempting to use ZMF4ECL Smart Editor against ZMF 7.1.3 Server
At an unspecified time, it appears that 'something' times out to resolve the issue. The 'something' has not yet been identified. In our recreation we have tried disconnecting and reconnecting to both the ZMF & RDz/IDz Server connections, closing and restarting the RDz/IDz client and restarting both the ZMF Server & web application server, all without success.
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