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CMS-XML Unable to install ZDD 8.1.1 due to issue with C++ 2015 Update 1
Unable to install ZDD 8.1.1 due to issue with C++ 2015 Update 1
CMS-XML Are Serena products affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug?
In response to the security flaw found in OpenSSL, known as the Heartbleed Bug ( CVE -2014-0160), Serena has analyzed our software to determine if any are vulnerable to this bug. The nature of the bug is such that secure connections to a server are vulnerable to potential bleeding of somewhat random server memory into a response to a client. See for full details.
CMS-XML IBM Unicode Services Red Alert (APAR OA48941) and Serena Software Mainframe Products
IBM recently issued a ‘Red Alert’ for a problem that will occur in their Unicode Services software on systems that are IPL’d on or after December 15th 2015 . The following is a current link to the problem on the IBM website:
CMS-XML Issue integrating with SSM when MLS is turned ON in SSM.
MLS Protected Entities are refreshed: 2015 /03/11_03:40:46 Member=* Dsn=SEXTON.USER.CNTL AccLst=(SEXTON)
CMS-XML Intermittent S33E abends during ZMF4ECL CONNECT/LOGON
2015 /10/12 08:53:14.20 SER8401E Invalid XML service combination: Obj=FLDNAMES Msg=LIST
CMS-XML Several valid ZDDOPTS COMMAND member fields generating ‘!MESSAGE Name field invalid.’ messages
!ENTRY com.serena.eclipse.zmf.core 1 0 2015 -09-17 10:35:13.970
CMS-XML Issues with checkin of HFS components
ii) even for short component names unaffected by i), checkin requests to a like-P HFS library type fail with the following: !ENTRY com.serena.eclipse.zmf.core 1 0 2015 -03-26 11:15:47.097 !MESSAGE java.lang.NullPointerException
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Problem accessing contents of package and baseline components
!ENTRY org.eclipse.core.contenttype 4 0 2015 -12-23 07:27:04.781
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL fails using language-specific editors on RDz
The fix for IBM APAR PI40674 is included in the RDz client release that was made available on 19th October 2015 .

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