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CMS-XML XMLSERV: No services listed after update to 8.1.2
XMLSERV: No services listed after update to 8.1.2
CMS-XML No validation for recordType when running CMPONENT PKG_COMP LIST XML Service.
No validation for recordType when running CMPONENT PKG_COMP LIST XML Service .
CMS-XML No dataset validation running the LIBTYPE\GBL\CREATE service.
When creating a Global/Application Lib Type through XMLSERV using the yellow XML service LIBTYPE|GBL|CREATE, you can enter a sequential dataset with 0 directory blocks which the XML Service creates. Now, if a component is staged for this lib type the STC abends with a S013-14.
CMS-XML XMLSERV lists no services when TCP/IP not enabled on Server task
XMLSERV lists no services when TCP/IP not enabled on Server task
CMS-XML Batch keyword service module CMNVSRVC has no reply data.
When running the batch service module (CMNVSRVC) the output for SERPRINT is incorrectly placed in the SERRPLY DD and the SERPRINT DD output is absent. Setup a batch job using CMNVSRVC and use the keywords to invoke a list service. Look at SERRPLY and SERPRINT output.
CMS-XML No application access check when invoking the CMPONENT/PKG_COMP/LIST service
When invoking the CMPONENT/PKG_COMP/LIST service, there is no security check to see if the user has access to the application. The results are returned back to the requestor even though they are not authorized for the application. When invoking the PACKAGE/GEN_PRMS/LIST service for the same package, the expected 'CMN1090A - Application access denied.' message is received.
CMS-XML CMPONENT SERVICE CHECKIN getting invalid 'CMN6504I - No information found for this request.’
For example, the XML CHECKIN request was run for the first 100 components and it worked fine. The XML request was then run for the first 200 components and it failed with 'CMN6504I - No information found for this request.'. When the XML request was run with just the second set of 100 components and it ran fine.
CMS-XML No "compare" report is received when the CMPONENT_SERVICE_COMPARE" XML service is submitted in V5.5.0.
000600 05 FILLER PIC X(16). =================================================== (2) In order to display the "compare" report between staging and baseline versions of the COPYBK01 CPY member, submit the CMPONENT_ SERVICE _COMPARE" XML service (see below):
CMS-XML XMLSERV does not display services when the ZMF task does not have a XCH port assignment
In ZMF v8.2.0 when you do not have a port assigned for XCH, when you attempt to run XMLSERV no services will be displayed. There is no mention of this requirement in v8.2.0 documentation. In prior releases of ZMF, a XCH port was not required.
CMS-XML ‘CMN8490I - Release Area Name was not specified’ running RLSMAREA PACKAGE DEMOTE service
Running the XML service RLSMAREA PACKAGE DEMOTE with the required tags returns the message ‘CMN8490I - Release Area Name was not specified’. There no reference to a ‘Release Area Name’ tag in XMLSERV or the XML Reference Tables for this service . What tag is this referring to?
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