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CMS-XML Freeze incorrectly sets "Approver Notified = N" if HIERARCHICAL APPROVAL = NO
When 'HIERARCHICAL APPROVAL PROCESS ===> NO' is set in Application Admin, the 'Approver Notified ' field value is incorrectly set to 'N'. This causes the Approval Query (Option 4), to not display these packages.
CMS-XML Separating BATCH approval notifications for different users
However, you can now add more than one line with the same notification vehicle on these panels. If the userids or e-mail addresses are each put on a separate line, they will generate separate jobs - with each ID sent to the RECIPT0 field . This would allow for changes or additions to the IDs entered on the panel.
CMS-XML CMN990 report and XML service PARMS GBL LIST not returning the all results data
Customer ran the CMN990 report and noticed there are a number of report fields at the end of the 'General Parms' section that are displayed as blank. Almost all of the report fields displayed in the 'General Parms' section, from the field 'Global Notify Library' on down are blank when they should have a value.
CMS-XML ERO batch notification does not work for release approvers
ERO batch notification does not work for release approvers
CMS-XML The USER SERVICE NOTIFY service is not working with batch notification
The USER SERVICE NOTIFY service is not starting the file tailoring address space (CMNxADSP) to build the notification job. For example, the following XML should start a CMNxADSP address space to file tailor the batch notification job.
CMS-XML Online Form (OFM) approval notification not working for MVSSEND and BATCH
When you submit an Online Form (OFM) for approval the notifications are not being sent out. Looking in the ChangeMan ZMF JESMSGLG you see the following errors:
CMS-XML Messenger JCL to append the Notify
Cannot get the auto-messenger to work to append and notify when job complete. SERNET STC parm setup for 'automessenger=yes' and is not working . Appending of the JCL to proc is not occurring.
CMS-XML Promotion overlay not working properly when promoting to multiple sites
When promoting common components to promotion sites where an overlay condition exists, panel CMNRPM06 does not displaying the correct component history information nor is the owner of the overlaid component being notified that their component has been overlaid. The issue occurs when there are multiple promotion sites being used by the affected packages. Demote of the overlaid package/component results in the component being deleted from the promotion library when it should not be.
If you run the USER NOTIFY SERVICE in the REXX client with a message of more than 60 characters, it abends with a S0C4 rc=11. The same length message (or longer) works fine run from SERXMLBC.
CMS-XML CMNxADSP started for post approval batch notifications is using the wrong userid
The CMNxADSP job started at freeze/final approval time works fine. Here's the flow leading up to the error...
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