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CMS-XML DEPTNO and PROJECT not correct at Promote time - VARLIST needs to be updated.
As such, the ISPF UI supports and processes only the variables which are provided by the service calls. Certain package general information is no longer provided, as it is not required for the function. This allows promotion to work cross-platform, where there is no profile pool available to ECP/ZDD/TT etc.
CMS-XML Query Component History Last Action Date
Query Component History Last Action Date
CMS-XML ‘Last promotion details’ on panel CMNQRY29 displaying incorrect date/time statistics after exiting panel CMNQRY27
Promote a component several times to the same promotion site/level, then type ‘QP’ next to the pacakge and select ‘Promotion History’. When panel CMNQRY29 is displayed make note of the date/time statistics under ‘ Last promotion details’. Select the promotion site so panel CMNQRY27 is displayed.
CMS-XML USTATS option of SERCOPY does not work as documented
Reset MM to 00" Currently, what actually occurs depends on whether the member and/or ISPF statistics already exist or not. If the member does not exist or the ISPF STATS are blank in the target dataset, "CREATED and CHANGED" stats are updated to current date and time , VV is set to 01 and MM is set to 00.
CMS-XML INFO/SOAP update not working when Soap file record is open for edit.
When a Soap activity record is in edit mode and in ChangeMan the user is doing a U7, to change the date, the installation date is updated in ChangeMan, but not in the activity record. ChangeMan shows that the date was successfully updated when it should have returned an error message. As an example, I issued a U7 against Change Man package TCMN000677, while in edit mode in activity record 18064162, Change Man shows that the date was changed successfully.
CMS-XML The Link Date Report receives the A03 abend on the second LPAR
It does not matter what system the person requesting the report is signed on to. Whether the user is signed on to the 1-st or 2-nd LPAR, when the job is run in class E, which is on the 1-st LPAR (where CMN is running), it works but when the job is run in class S, which is on second LPAR, it abends.
CMS-XML CMN990 report fails when run against a new ZMF 5.6.x install when the 'Global Notification File' modification Date and Time have not been updated in the Package Master.
533 +++ gndate= date (,SER1.globalNoticeModDate.ix,'S') 75 +++ call OutputPARMS 75 +++ interpret 'call Output'servname
CMS-XML Intermittent logon failures when connecting to ZMF Server started task from ZMF Connector
From evidence supplied to date: a) it looks to be encountered consistently when the user connects for the first time after the ZMF Server task has been restarted or when the userid has been idle for a period of time /other work has been executed. b) the second and all subsequent calls using the same connection credentials appear to work.
CMS-XML Browse basline shows same CREATED and CHANGED dates for all SRD versions
When doing a browse (1.b) on a component, the CREATED and CHANGED dates for the stacked reverse deltas all show a date/time that matches the last baseline process. Shouldn't they show the CHANGED info from the original package?
CMS-XML Component History Last Action and Housekeeping
The query component last action date is being updated to the date/time that the housekeeping job is run. The customer believes this date should not be updated and should retain the actual date/time that the component was last activated.
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