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CMS-XML AUDIT and components not in baseline
Audit is a directory driven process. This means audit finds the name of the staging and baseline libraries from the package master and then searches the directory of each library examining each member that is found against the package master ICPY, ISAL, ILOD, ISIC, history records, and impact analysis tables, as opposed to going the other way by examining all the package master ISIC, ISAL, ILOD, ICPY, history records and impact
CMS-XML Baseline Analyzer Rpt: Non-Standard Directory
When looking at the Baseline Analyzer report, what does the following mean? " Components with non-standard directory "
CMS-XML Audit for "same-named" source components sharing the same baseline dataset
***** R000120 Created 2012/08/13 at 14:24:34 by ACHERNA * 2/12/30 Package Status: DEV * cription of member from library directory entry * R:SR2 CHER:SR3 * **************************
CMS-XML Checkout and baseline browse of HFS files fails in various manners
And for a wildcarded component that has no spaces in directory name (e.g. nospace/dummymem): COMPONENT NAME ===> nospace/* Member list (panel CMNHMLSS) is presented but after selecting a component and pressing ‘enter’ the following error is returned:
CMS-XML Parsing baselines in audit
Audit still reads the baseline library directories for SPF stats for non-load components , and link-edit attributes ( including SSI) for load components . This process has been buffered to make it faster. And we still read the like-copy staging libraries for hashing to determine SYNCH15s.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Problems creating new package components
It appears that a full member list including all directory information is being run against the baseline library and the data being returned to the client for processing. Neither the hang nor the heap space issue occur using the 8.2 Patch 3 GA Build 504. b) if attempting to create a new component in a like-Other library type the request fails with the following error message:
CMS-XML S0C7 in CMNRCRCP at offset 0000D32C during recompile from baseline
Customer has a baseline dataset that contains many members with unusual PDS directory entries. Whenever a recompile from baseline is performed against one of these members, the started task abends with a S0C7 in CMNRCRCP at offset D32C.
CMS-XML CMNSSIDN - synchronize SETSSI in IDRdata and load directory during Relink
This CR is opened to ensure that the SETSSI of a component being relinked is in synch between the IDRdata and the load library directory. Issue: When the relinked load sub-module located in baseline contains the SETSSIs in the IDRdata that is not in synch with the SETSSI in the load library directory , the subsequent package containing the relinked composite load will produce the invalid SYNCH20 flag. One way that the SETSSI goes out of synch between IDRdata and library directory is when the component is relinked using the same load libtype.
CMS-XML Checkout and baseline browse of HFS files continues to fail in certain situations
- a baseline folder contains a file named tmp/pt0065e1.tmp.
CMS-XML Problems with HFS component scratch requests
ii. a component history record being created for *.typ. ... b. If a user selects a HFS component from the baseline member list, exits the member list and re-enters the member list before completely exiting the utility function, only the member previously deleted will be presented when the member list is re-displayed. Also, if that selected component contained a directory name (e.g. dir/ component ) the directory will have been dropped. Re-selecting the re-displayed component will end with:
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