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CMS-XML PF3 when performing Online Form edit saves changes and bypasses form edit checks
... or leave a required field blank and press ... or ‘Enter Required Field ’. ... 3’ the form edit checks are ... ... Problem is the form is in ‘ ... ... make the various forms of the CANCEL ... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 28 Line(s) not Displayed ... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 14 Line(s) not Displayed
CMS-XML PF3 (or cancel) when performing Online Form edit saves changes and bypasses form edit checks
When in edit on an Online form (ex: 070) if you leave a required field blank and press <enter> you get the message ‘EnterRequired Field ’. Pressing ‘PF3’ (or typing ‘cancel’) the form editchecks are bypassed and you get the message ‘Changes Saved’ when returned topanel CMNZMGR.
CMS-XML 'S1' (Stage from Dev) displays panel CMNSTG11 instead of CMNSTG03 for like-src.
When using ‘S1’ in the package list to do ‘Stage from Dev’, panel CMNSTG02 is displayed. User enters the required information and the PDS library in the DATASET NAME field . When <enter> is hit it should display panel CMNSTG03 for the source code selection list, but instead panel CMNSTG11 is displayed which is displaying the member list with Like-LOD column headings.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL 8.1.3 issue with 'Variable Name' not being displayed as coded in ZDDOPTS BUILD component
< field name="UserOption801" readonly="N" label="First 5 chars " required ="N" validation="ALPNANUM" default="/> Points of note: - The assumption is that this applies to all of the extended user option fields (i.e. UserOption101- UserOption7205).
CMS-XML Cursor position is incorrect or error message is incorrect, when install date is blank coming into panel CMNCRT07.
On a DP Site, if the install date is blank coming into panel CMNCRT07 (Create: Site Information) and enter is pressed, short message “ENTER REQUIRED FIELD” is issued. If HELP PFK is pressed, long message “CMN1140A - Enter required field at the cursor position.” is displayed , however the cursor remains on COMMAND line, rather than the bad date field. Either the cursor position is incorrect or the error message is incorrect.
CMS-XML Setting ZMF user panel names in panel logic (e.g. CMNUSR01)
The only way of consistently overriding the user panel name is now via use of High Level Language Exit (HLLX) BULD00US. In there, the rexx userPanel variable or the COBOL BULDUPAN field can be set according to the required logic and this will be consistently used to display the appropriate user options panel.
CMS-XML 'Package Number' field for CMN180 report must contain leading zeroes
When the CMN180 report is submitted for a specific package and the 'Package Number' field on the REPORT SELECTION LIST panel (CMNREPT6) is specified without the leading zeroes (ex: 3728), the report will be empty and will display 'No components found' message. This is not consistent with other admin reports (leading zeroes are not mandatory for CMN080, etc.).
CMS-XML V6.1.2 - Package Number field for CMN180 report must contain leading zeroes
... the Package Number field on the REPORT ... empty and will display “No components ... ********** When the Package Number field contains the leading zeroes (Package Number ===> 000138), the list of package components is being displayed in the CMN180 report, as expected. This is not consistent with other admin reports (leading zeroes are not mandatory for CMN80, etc.).
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2
... to the section titled "Configure zMobile ... 1 panel is displayed Processing Type Field on the Component ... ... (P) field on the Component ... ... date and time displayed in the Last Action field identify the last ... ... ) panel is displayed : ... these profiles are required for each subsystem ... ... , a new field named ... The following new fields on the Global ... Field ... You Can Now Display a List of ... Recompile will display a list of ... member and display a list of ... ... in the exit field CMN$PKGI ... ... , and DCB attributes . Display the .X
CMS-XML What’s New in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4
The View Release Libraries ( ... ... RL line command displays the libraries allocated ... field on the Report Title ... Variables Are Now Displayed on the Promote ... ... from a package display with "* ... ... version 12 is required ; service versioning ... ... Release Format Version Field Has Been Added ... A format version field ( ... and Library Type Fields on Component Checkout ... ... and Library Type fields : ... , and type fields on the Package ... ... selectable options for field values. ... returned in the displayed details as not ... ... ZMF Edit and View Functions ... permit you to view or edit components ... ... conversion for ISPF view .
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