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CMS-XML Running the CMN120 report against a subsystem that does not exist get a RC=4093
SER1.Service SER1.Message SER1.Scope +++ RC(-3) +++ This should return a RC=08, just like when you run the CMN100 report for the same situation
CMS-XML CMNVNSRD reports wrong number of delta versions and DSS.SERVICE.EXPAND fails when no deltas exist
Running the DSS.SERVICE.EXPAND service to expand the 0 version works fine if one or more delta versions of the component exist. However, if no versions exist in the delta library, the service fails with a RC=8 and the following response:
CMS-XML SERXMLRC does not attempt an XMS connection, when TCPIP connection fails.
Customer does not have TCPIP active and attempted to run the sample ZMF REXX reports . The jobs failed, because the reports use SERXMLRC, which do not currently connect via XMS. The TCPIP connection fails and the job ends.
CMS-XML CMN980 report can not be run for all site calendars - message 'No Data Found'
In Global Admin, the 'Reports' option 'Report Selection List' tutorial panel states you can leave the 'Report Variable' blank and this assumes an '*' for report 980. This results in the report coming back with 'No Data Found'. Because of this, on a DP site you can not run the 980 report for all the site installation calendars at one time.
CMS-XML CMN990 report fails when run against a new ZMF 5.6.x install when the 'Global Notification File' modification Date and Time have not been updated in the Package Master.
75 +++ call OutputPARMS 75 +++ interpret 'call Output'servname IRX0040I Error running CMN990, line 533: Incorrect call to routine
CMS-XML TSO ID blank when using SERCOPY with C or VSTATS with USERID parm if no ISPF exist
If you are running SERCOPY and trying to copy a member without any ISPF stats when using VSTATS or CSTATS and the USERID parms, you will find that when the member is copied the TSO ID is blank Name Prompt Size Created Changed ID BCHKOUT 22 2018/09/28 2018/09/28 06:30:51
CMS-XML Problems running the CMN110 report.
IRX0555E The input or output file SYSIN is not allocated. It cannot be opened for I/O. IRX0670E EXECIO error while trying to GET or PUT a record.
CMS-XML V7.1.3 ERO: “MSG=CMR6504I - No information found for package search request” - Block and Approve functions
Customer is not able to block (and approve) the ERO release that is scheduled to be installed on the next day. ... The DP site is running ZMF V7.1.3, while all of the P-sites have ZMF V8.1.1.01 installed. ... The message below is produced when an attempt is made to block this release using either batch or online mode, or by using an XML service: “CMNVSRVC RC=0008,MSG=CMR6504I - No information found for package search request”
CMS-XML Several jobs fail for no apparent reason whilst running multiple, concurrent XML checkout requests
When attempting to run multiple, SERXMLBC-based checkout requests that are checking out the same components to different packages approximately 50% of them fail with a RC=12 and the following error: ... Subsequent attempts to rerun the job fail with a RC=8 and the following messages in the batch job: ... NOT DEFINED BECAUSE DUPLICATE NAME EXISTS IN CATALOG ... We could only recreate running in non-BLSR mode.
CMS-XML V8.1.0 – Issue with Stage from Development function for existing components
During the Stage from Development function in ZMF V8.1.0, the history information for components that are already in baseline is not displayed on the Stage: Build CMNSTG04 panel. ... This was not the situation in ZMF V7. The history information was brought forward for the existing components during Stage from Development function . ... ===> NO ... SUPPRESS MESSAGES ===> NO ... Originally Reported Against:
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