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CMS-XML RLM/SRA: How to connect to ChangeMan ZMF directly from an SBM solution (outdated)
ZMFReleaseAlfEvents.mtd For information on importing and using event definition files, see the SBM Composer Guide. Important!
CMS-XML TT4ZMF: Communication from ZMF to SBM does not work during Freeze/Revert/Approve.
When using TT4ZMF, when you Freeze/Revert/Approve a package in ZMF, it should automatically update the linked SBM item .
CMS-XML SBM: How to Troubleshoot a SBM to ZMF integration (Turning on ZMF trace logging)
Step 3: ZMF Connector communicates with ZMF. The ZMF connection information is configured in C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\8.0\webapps\almzmf\WEB-INF\conf\ If the connector cannot reach ZMF, those errors will also be in serenatomcat-stderr.log or serenatomcat-stdout.log (by default located at C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\8.0\logs)
MS-WORD ChangeMan ZMF Hilo Documentation Content and Notes
In releases prior to ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.0, the DB2 DBRM, BMS MAP DSECT, BMS MAP Load, Link Control, and Compressed Listing library types were hardcoded within the various skeletons. In contrast, the target load library type, &TLODLTP, has been a variable.
CMS-XML The Link Date Report receives the A03 abend on the second LPAR
However, the customer was able to submit the Baseline Analyzer Report on both LPARs successfully . Additional information : The JCL for both the Link Date Report and the Baseline Analyzer report have SUBSYS and USER parms.
CMS-XML What happened to the component level detail in the CMN500 report for ZMF v5.5 and v5.6?
Note: The CMN080 report does not show compile information ( compile procedure and compile options used) for a component in a package. For this information you can run the CMN180 report for the package you are interested in by entering the Application and Package Number.
CMS-XML XML: PACKAGE INTEGRTY CMPONENT does not report details when RC=04
<componentType>LOD</componentType> <message>Component not in staging dataset.</message> </result>
CMS-XML Audit report has incorrect information, which in turn causes missing out of synchs
Run Audit on the Complex and the Audit report shows incorrect values in the STAGING side of the report for the common components associated to the simple (now Part) package.
CMS-XML Missing information in ‘Copybooks within Source’ section of audit report
a) the ‘*Recompiled in package date time’ information (e.g. ‘*Recompiled in DEMO003360 2014/10/10 08:35’). This can be consistently reproduced if the first component in this section is a recompile .
CMS-XML Wrong copybook information in the audit report for same named components.
Source Name Copybook Name Copybook baseline Library CMAN0001 (COBOL - SRC ) CYBK0001 (CPY) ZMFQA. S2 .BASE.AUD.CPY AUD1P01 (PL/1 - SRC ) CYBK0001 (CP1) ZMFQA.S2.BASE.AUD.CP1
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