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CMS-XML HLLX: Provide CMNSTG20 post-function exit in stage as well as checkout
Panel CMNSTG20 (Package Component Confirm Delete Request) can be invoked from both the component stage dialog ( S2 ) and also the component checkout dialog (C2). When invoked in checkout processing post-function exit CKOT01DL is executed. However, when executed from staging no equivalent BULD exit point exists.
CMS-XML Request for Fix to TT4ZMF for ChangeMan ZMF Post Approvers
When the 'Install JCL Build Process' fails on the ZMF side, the ChangeMan ZMF Approval List will "NOT" list that Package for approval (which is correct). However, TeamTrack "WILL" list the Package for Approval (which is incorrect).
CMS-XML Inconsistencies in calls to HLLX post-panel exits after PF3
For build (e.g. BULD0102) and checkout (CKOT0101) the user effectively goes into a loop of calling the post -panel HLLX and returning to the panel. The user must explicitly type ‘cancel’ (or use a PF key if they have one mapped) to get out of this loop. This is not obvious in any way to the user.
CMS-XML Inconsistency in BULD0nUS execution for UV command and build processing
The code in the clients (all clients) ignores any proceed=’NO’ setting on return from a pre-panel. proceed='NO' is only recognised on a post -panel exit. If you wish to prevent a panel being displayed the appropriate code should be added to the post-panel routine.”
CMS-XML Inconsistent variables passed to HLLX BULD01R0 at recompile time
Inconsistent variables are being passed to the ' post initial recompile panel' (CMNRCMPR/CMNRCMP0) HLLX BULD01R0 depending on where the function is being invoked. For example, if a user enters the package list recompile option (5.RC) they see the following output from the exit:
CMS-XML HLLX: Further issues with ISPF recompile processing
- the recompileLevel variable contains a value of 048 if the library level is set to blank. - the recompileLevel variable is not updated with user changes to the library level field made on panel CMNRCMPR (and presumably CMNRCMP0) for post -panel processing. - the dataLocked variable is not honoured from pre-panel processing.
CMS-XML Release Cadence for ChangeMan ZMF – Post-February 2021
on the following link : If you have not already done so, please register to our Community site and subscribe for email notifications. 3. When is this changing?
CMS-XML "Approve" is grayed out after an unplanned/TEMP package is in TCC status. POST approvals cannot be done.
The "Approve" link is grayed out after an unplanned/TEMP package is backed out to TCC status. POST approvals cannot be done. POST TCC status approvals should be allowed for unplanned packages.
CMS-XML Localisation (l10n/i18n) problem using REST API
Passing international characters, such as a Spanish 'ñ', fails in the REST API. For example, attempting to create a new package ( POST /package) with a title of "REST API with Spanish character ñ" from the test tool running in a Spanish environment against the 8.2 Patch 5 Build 114 services fails with the following error:
CMS-XML HLLX: Unable to set cursorField to component user variables on CMNUSR01
Attempts to set the HLLX cursorField to point to specific component user variable fields in panel CMNUSR01 using the appropriate pre- or post - build function exits (BULD00US and BULD01US) fails to have the desired effect. The cursor is always placed on the command line.
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