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CMS-XML Increase the maximum number of baselines in the Impact Analysis table
Increase the maximum number of baselines in the Impact Analysis table
CMS-XML What is the maximum Impact Analysis records that can be loaded into the Linear Dataspace?
xx0503xx The new current size exceeds the maximum size for the data space and Hiperspace. It was determined that 9.5 million records could not be loaded into the IADSP file by the LDSLOAD job. So what is the maximum number of records that can be loaded?
CMS-XML SER8602E - SER#PARM record length too small to hold DNS name. IP address used instead.
add support for IP V6 addresses, as well as DNS names up to their maximum length of 253 characters, the dataset defined for SER # PARM may now need to be defined as RECFM=VB and LRECL=275, to support LONGER DNS names.
CMS-XML Package install date with disabled calendar fails incorrectly with “CMN5560I - Install date is beyond number of days in calendar.”
If the installation calendar is disabled, you are now able to set the install date to the max install date of 20591231. If the install date is beyond 20591231, the appropriate error message is set.
CMS-XML Distributed copybook XMLCCKOT exceeds maximum control block size resulting in CMN8502I
a) edit the distributed copybook to reduce the number of occurrences of the <component> tag to 105 or less. That is, change the copybook as follows:
CMS-XML XML copybook XMLCPAPR exceeds maximum data item length
truncated to 16777215 characters. Problem can be circumvented by reducing the maximum number of 'RESULT-AREA's returned from the service call. E.g. Change: 15 RESULT-AREA OCCURS 0 TO
CMS-XML CMNVNSRD reports wrong number of delta versions and DSS.SERVICE.EXPAND fails when no deltas exist
CMNVN95I STAMP-<*STAMP 2020/07/16;06:29:14 THURSDAY JULY 16, 2020 (2020/198)> A CMNVN68I Maximum levels for this member: -1 CMNVN72I Version successfully completed for member TESTPGM1
If no STRNO value is defined, then the default is 2. Considering you will almost always have more than 2 concurrent users signed on, you will need to increase this value to match the maximum number of users that will be signed on at the same time. The maximum value for STRNO is 255. This value is very important as it is used to determine the optimum values for BUFNI and BUFND.
CMS-XML Designated procedures panel only displays a max 30 entries
Designated procedures panel only displays a max 30 entries
CMS-XML Exceeded maximum length for DB2 keyword
Exceeded maximum length for DB2 keyword
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