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CMS-XML WD4ZMF: userid and password being displayed in the log and should not be for security reasons
the log . There needs to be a way to prevent it from keeping this information in the log.
CMS-XML Log onto CMN 4.1.6 and Primary Option panel indicates 5.1.0
Log onto CMN 4 .1.6 and Primary Option panel indicates 5.1.0
CMS-XML Avoiding S0c4's in VSAM for package/component master, recovery, log and other VSAM files especially during times of high number of Change Man users (including batch jobs)
This represents the number of request parameter lists or RPL's that can be used concurrently for that VSAM dataset. Each user causing I/O to a VSAM dataset (package master or log file) will use an RPL. If the number of users is greater than the specified STRNO, dynamic RPL's will be acquired. In some cases, associated control blocks used by VSAM are freed during usage of the dynamic RPL and abends will occur attempting to reference one of the associated control blocks (IOPLH).
CMS-XML Activity log reporting needs to strengthen communication between the STC and the reporter
ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4 Sernet 8.2 Patch 4
CMS-XML CMN$$AST skel is missing COND on SORT and LOG defaults are inconsistent.
Package 4 ISRBROBA CMNPRD.CMN.C530.#000004.SKL(CMN$$AST) - 01 Line Command ===>
CMS-XML WD4ZMF: Checkout problem (no checkout, no response)
A customer is reporting a problem with WD4ZMF checkout processing in their environment. The request is issued and the checkout dialog completed but once the 'OK' button is clicked to complete the operation no further action takes place or response is received. The eclipse log shows the following which is probably related:
CMS-XML V6.1.1B - Issue w/CMN37 transaction logged by DSPTM if ZMF has no DB2 Option
When ZMF license does not have DB2 Otion, the CMN37/CMN57 jobs not being created in the X-Node dataset. If during a package baseline process, the DSPTM step fails or ends with RC= 4 , a transaction is logged to the DELAY file. This transaction is being triggered when ZMF STC comes up, but since there is no CMN37 JCL available, the message comes up that this job failed.
CMS-XML 8.2 Patch 4: Failing to apply changes to SERLCSEC results in S282-64 abend
ZMF subtask, logging to delay file"-type errors. Closer inspection of the ZMF Server started task may also reveal the following type of abend
CMS-XML How to troubleshoot the RLM (Release Manager) 4.x and ChangeMan ZMF integration
Log into the ALM Configurator (by default at http://RLMserver:8080/alm/config/alm ), switch to the ZMF tab, and click on Test Connection. If there are errors connecting, verify each of the settings:
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Issues creating new, non-zFS components with lower case characters
When testing here the request completely disappears. No response is ever received and no errors appear on any log . In the customer's environment they receive a CMN6504I message but the member is created and appears to exist in the package.
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