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CMS-XML V6.1.1B - Issue w/CMN37 transaction logged by DSPTM if ZMF has no DB2 Option
When ZMF license does not have DB2 Otion, the CMN37/CMN57 jobs not being created in the X-Node dataset. If during a package baseline process, the DSPTM step fails or ends with RC=4, a transaction is logged to the DELAY file. This transaction is being triggered when ZMF STC comes up, but since there is no CMN37 JCL available, the message comes up that this job failed.
CMS-XML Sernet Activity Log and monthly reporting feature.
Activity log records are written to the SERALOG dataset hourly while the ZMF task is active and also upon event if the customer's license is a 'fixed-user' license . The activity log reporting process is automatically started after midnight cross over on the first of each month and is triggered by the ZMF started task.
CMS-XML What’s New in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4
with a message in the log that indicates which of the following three master files has the error: ... to manage CPU utilization and limit the potential for memory fragmentation. ... } Request count {1,N4} High-water mark {2,N4}
... maximum concurrent user count . SERJ995I Statistics; Called count : 6157 ... If ChangeMan is running on an environment where there is a high workload resulting in the system approaching 100% CPU utilization , the ChangeMan started task should have a high dispatching priority. ... If the CPU that the Batch jobs are running on is approaching 100% CPU utilization , then consider running the Batch jobs on another less busy CPU. ... Ensure that the Log file and Delay file are on a different pack then the Package Master.
CMS-XML U0023 abend in CMNPMCPY during freeze
Error occurred during bind count update for SLT0TEST ... *** ISPF transaction log *** ... Start of ISPF Log - - - ... End of ISPF Log - - - - - Session # 1 -------------------------------------------------------
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.2 and 8.1.3. Excessive GRS memory usage
A small number of ZMF 8.1.2 and 8.1.3 customers have continued to see excessive GRS memory usage after implementing this fix. This may or may not be accompanied by the following IBM error messages in the ZMF Server started task output or on the system log :
CMS-XML Avoiding S0c4's in VSAM for package/component master, recovery, log and other VSAM files especially during times of high number of Change Man users (including batch jobs)
This represents the number of request parameter lists or RPL's that can be used concurrently for that VSAM dataset. Each user causing I/O to a VSAM dataset (package master or log file) will use an RPL. If the number of users is greater than the specified STRNO, dynamic RPL's will be acquired. In some cases, associated control blocks used by VSAM are freed during usage of the dynamic RPL and abends will occur attempting to reference one of the associated control blocks (IOPLH).
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF, excessive GRS memory usage and related issues
Even after implementing this fix, a very small number of customers have continued to see excessive GRS memory usage attributable to this processing. This is often accompanied by the following IBM error messages being seen in their ZMF Server started task output or on the system log :
CMS-XML Log file problems in CMN416
Log file problems in CMN416
CMS-XML CMNSTART Log full or global record problem - abend 310
CMNSTART Log full or global record problem - abend 310
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