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CMS-XML S0C4 abends in module SERCOMM when port scans run
Security group was running a ... ... 39:57 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP ... E Task abnormally terminated : Comp= ... ... E Task abnormally terminated : Comp= ... 04:39:59 2: 00000000/00000000_0000001C 3: 00000000/00000000_324 AD 270 ... 04:39:59 6: 00000000/00000000_0000A220 7: 00000000/00000000_324 AD 210 04:39:59 8: 00000000/00000000_324 AD 000 9: 00000000/00000000_324AF4A0 ... 04:39:59 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP
CMS-XML CMNAD500 fails with CMN4503A when null subsys
// PARM='SUBSYS=,USER=xxxxxxx,SUP=NO' The preceding AD000 step works. Also, a circumvention is to change the PARM to AD 500 to 'SUBSYS= , USER =....' That is use a blank.
CMS-XML Change the STOP/START PROCEDURE command to include SCOPE(GROUP)
As it stands right now, the procedure will only be recycled in a single phsyical DB2 subsystem (whichever logical DB2 subsystem is the target for the promotion or install). The command needs to be changed to affect a START across all members of the "data sharing" group .
CMS-XML SER0968I Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S33E Function=MASTER/UPDATE
06.33.51 STC61501 SEND 'Job AD 89074Q(JOB75525) submitted', USER =( AD 89074),LOGON 06.38.03 JOB75905
CMS-XML S32E-11C abend in ZMF Server started task when multiple HSM recall requests are processed simultaneously
A user submitted an audit job for a relatively large, old package where the staging datasets had all been migrated to HSM level 2. The audit job ended with a RC=20 in the AD 000/ AD 500 steps and the following messages in the AD 000 SYSPRINT file: ... CMN7801A - Audit discovered too many integrity errors in the package to continue.
CMS-XML Audit CMNAD000 step ends with incorrect error
If you run the CMNAD000 with a invalid userid in the 'USER=userid' parm; // AD 000 EXEC PGM=CMNAD000, *** GATHER AUDIT DATA // REGION=0M,
CMS-XML In the ELSLOAD job if the CMNLNAME file has zero records, why does the sort and CMNELLX0 end up with 16 records?
WER169I RELEASE 1.3 BATCH 0488 TPF LEVEL 0.2 WER052I END SYNCSORT - CJ#ELSL,SORTLNIX,,DIAG= AD 00,624F,8016,A05D,E4EB,48E3,0640,ACE2 ChangeMan(R) ELS Dataspace Long Name Table Index Load
APPROVER DESCRIPTION ENTITY NO. APR. PKG '''' TST Code Owner______________________________ TSTCO___ 15 YES ___ '''' TST Group Manager___________________________ TSTGM___ 20 ___ ___
CMS-XML HLLX time out messages issued in ZMF Server task output
Research showed the ZMF Server task to be running in a higher performance group /service class than the ZMF HLLX task. The HLLX address space is an extension of the ZMF server address space. Hence they must work co-operatively and be defined in the same performance group/service class.
CMS-XML CMN050 report takes excessive time to flush after CPU timeout.
297 C: 1DA6F000 D: 0001A068 297 E: 9DA4E7C6 F: 80 AD 3390 297 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP
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