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CMS-XML ZDD : Unable to do multiple FULL promotes if a FULL promote has already been carried out..
ZDD : Unable to do multiple FULL promotes if a FULL promote has already been carried out..
CMS-XML Sending unformatted dumps to Serena, which are read using IPCS. Size verification required.
When sending an unformatted dump to Serena Customer Support, it is necessary to verify that the size attributes of the dump we receive are the same as the size attributes on the customer's system. To verify that the size matches, customers should supply the "LZ" output along with the dump. The LZ line command is available from the IPCS Inventory panel.
- SMPPTS (SMP/E PTF Temporary Storage) datasets. - SMPCSI (SMP/E Consolidated Software Inventory ) datasets. - SMP/E target libraries.
CMS-XML ‘Component Userid Work records’ copied forward to new package prevents user from approving package
When creating a new package using the ‘Copy Forward’ option, the ‘Component Userid Work records’ from the previous package are carried forward. If a user had worked on a component in the previous package, but not on components in the current package, with the Admin Parm option ‘Package worker cannot approve’ turned on the user cannot approve the new package. You get the short message ‘APPROVE ERROR’ and the long message:
CMS-XML XML CMPONENT SERVICE BROWSE cannot handle blank lines with TRIM=Y.
When using the XML Service CMPONENT SERVICE BROWSE, if you have component which has a blank line in it and you specify TRIM=Y the service stops at the blank line and does not remove the blank line and carry on processing. The complete listing is displayed if you use TRIM=N.
CMS-XML USR0105 is being set to blank in CMNEX025.
The customer has introduced during package audit processing a step that carries out various package & component checks. This is an attempt to relieve exit CMNEX025 from having to do too many time consuming and resource intensive checks.
CMS-XML HLLX - CKOT0103 - proceed='NO' has no effect.
When coding the CKOT0103 exit to include the proceed='NO' variable, during the call of this exit ZMF\HLLX ignores the proceed='NO' variable and carries on processing
CMS-XML Incorrect Complex Package Status on CMNDELT2 panel.
When trying to delete a complex package the CMNDELT2 panel displays the previous package status for the &PKGSTAT variable. To reproduce this issue you need to carry out the following steps:
CMS-XML Invalid SYNCH17 produced if copybook component resides in a promotion library.
An invalid SYNCH17 is produced if the copybook is deleted and the source member is restaged and the copybook is picked up from a promotion library. To recreate the problem you need to carry out the following steps.
CMS-XML CMNWRITE tries incorrectly expand COPY in optional COBOL comment paragraphs.
A problem has been reported and recreated using ZMF 6.1.1 and ZMF 6.1.2 where CMNWRITE incorrectly tries to expand a COPY word in a COBOL comment. To reproduce this problem you need to carry out the following steps:
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