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CMS-XML Copybook XMLCDSLI has missing picture clauses.
* length of dir. section (ISPF/ LOAD )
CMS-XML DB2OPTNC job leaves table in a ‘COPY PENDING’ state following the LOAD step.
The table cannot be updated until either an image copy is taken, or the copy pending flag is forced off. Attempts to update DB2 admin while it is in copy pending, result in the expected following error.
CMS-XML CMN37, DB2 table update and image copy
In the DB2 options manual (version 4.1.6, page 2-3) it states 'An IMAGE COPY must be performed after the LOAD [of the CMNx.CMNBASE table] so that the table is eligible for dynamic INSERTs and DELETEs during Baseline Ripple'. An image copy can be a separate step, or the keyword LOG can be set to YES to perform the copy while the table is being loaded.
CMS-XML Batch keyword service module CMNVSRVC has no reply data.
When running the batch service module (CMNVSRVC) the output for SERPRINT is incorrectly placed in the SERRPLY DD and the SERPRINT DD output is absent. Setup a batch job using CMNVSRVC and use the keywords to invoke a list service. Look at SERRPLY and SERPRINT output.
CMS-XML CMNECRP+316 S0C1 in response to dataspace open failure
If module CMNECRP encounters an open failure on the component master dataspace we deliberately abend with a S0C1 with no error messages or indication of the problem. The S0C1 abend will be at different offsets depending on the exact version of the program in use. In this situation we should be issuing an invalid return code, an error message and shutting down in an orderly fashion in this situation.
CMS-XML V612.01: PKG CMP INTEGRIY XML srvc produces duplicate responses for missing SRC
In ZMF V6.1.2.01, if an SRC is missing from the staging dataset while the corresponding LOD and LST members are still present in the package, the section is displayed three times in the XML output.
CMS-XML Pkg Integrity XML service - SERXMLBC is not returning a complete reply
An SRC component was staged and activated in a package. After that, SRC and LST were deleted from this package outside of ChangeMan, but LOD was left untouched.
CMS-XML XML Service PACKAGE CMPONENT INTEGRTY error when a load module is relinked
</result> < response > <statusMessage>CMN8700I - Package Integrity service completed</statu
CMS-XML Exits loaded at initialization
Exits loaded at initialization
CMS-XML Identifying a Load Module Version
Identifying a Load Module Version
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