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CMS-XML CMN15 installation jobs hanging when package created on old release
We have recreated a customer-reported issue where CMN15 jobs for packages created in older versions of ZMF hang when they are installed under ZMF The customer’s packages were originally created under ZMF Our recreation scenario was using packages created on earlier versions of ZMF. On occasion loops in the started task can also be encountered in relation to this problem.
CMS-XML Release install jobs hanging and eventually failing
In our recreation they eventually fail after c. 2 hours with a RC=6 and a “CHANGE MAN CONNECTION LOST, LOGGING TO DELAY FILE” error. We are running our task with an SDNOTIFY=M120 parm which probably explains the timing of these RC=6 failures . These jobs need careful manual intervention to cancel and restart.
CMS-XML Started task looping processing release checkin requests
A customer has recently encountered several loops in their started task. Monitoring suggests that they are being encountered in the release checkin function, both package-to-area and area-to-area. A sample Strobe report taken during one occurrence shows the release component locking routine (CMN$RCLK) to be the most intensively executed procedure at the time of failure.
CMS-XML Release id variables are not available to batch freeze
The customer has defined Release id variables to the application. If a batch freeze is submitted first after logon, the release id variables are blank. If a stage, or other batch job is submitted, then the batch freeze, the variables are populated.
CMS-XML ERO: Failure to generate SYSLIBs correctly for prior release area libraries
When compiling components in a package attached to a release that is defined with a prior release we can, under certain circumstances, build the SYSLIB incorrectly by omitting the prior release area libraries from the generated concatenation.
CMS-XML CMN11 jobs continue to stall and fail for very large release implementations
The problem documented in DEF254868 ( Release installation filling logical record lock table) could never be recreated or diagnosed here. In order to assist resolution on reoccurrence we used that CR to add extra diagnostic processing (i.e. the RLLDISP command).
CMS-XML Loop or excessive resources required to run area audit for hfs component release
A customer is testing their upgrade to ZMF 7.1.3 and has noted a huge increase in started task CPU/resource usage when running an area audit for a release containing a small number of hfs components. This may or may not be a loop.
CMS-XML Delivery failure when performing Client pack checkin from one ERO area to another for a large release.
There are 2199 eligible components for the application. A blank list is returned and the error log indicates a delivery failure . Same process works fine for the another application which has 466 eligible components.
CMS-XML Recompile in package not attached to an ERO release causes a loop.
If a recompile for a component in a package that is attached to an ERO release is performed and then an attempt is made to recompile a component in a package that is not attached to a release, the ISPF client loops and panel CMNRCMPR is not displayed. The ISPF session must be canceled to exit the loop .
CMS-XML ISPF user session hangs when checking in into an area
A customer has been hitting an intermittent problem with specific releases and areas where the user's ISPF session will hang after attempting to checkin components from one area to another when none are eligible. Message 'Not Qualified/CMR2530I - No components selected for Checkin qualify for area XXXXXXX' is issued and when the user subsequently presses PF3 to exit they hang. There is no indication of a loop in the ISPF session or started task.
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