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CMS-XML Login to ZMF loops during failed attempt to allocate temp dataset.
The reporting customer encountered a RACF error (ICH408I) on the allocation of the temp dataset. The allocation attempt is performed over and over until the user attentions out of the login attempt, or the user address space is cancelled. This "looping" can cause severe problems with the LPAR if it is allowed to continue.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: SAXParseException error displayed in relation to failed user logon attempt
The reason for the failed logon is not obvious and requires investigation. This may be issued in response to all of the following variations of ICH408I message (and possibly others):
CMS-XML Intermittent logon failures when connecting to ZMF Server started task from ZMF Connector
CMS-XML Unexpected access failures to impersonation profile logged in SMF data
Unexpected access failures to impersonation profile logged in SMF data
CMS-XML ZMF Plugin: Deployment task failed with error "Invalid Credentials Provided"
The ZMF Plugin for RLC is trying to contact ZMF through the ZMF Connector, but the ZMF login information is invalid. To fix this problem:
CMS-XML OC4 in CMNINIT during login after installing ZMF 5.5.2.
A similar S0C4 occurs when running CMNLNKDT, when the CMNLNKDT program tries to connect to the task. The same abend occurs when running the impact analysis job, as it tries to connect to the task. It is likely that any attempt to connect to the task, via ISPF or otherwise, will fail in the same way.
CMS-XML zMobile logon screen fails to respond when running under different web context
application, e.g. through the following type of link: http://mainframe.lpar:8080/zmobiley/ login https://mainframe.lpar:8443/zmobiley/login
CMS-XML ZMF Connector fails with error "org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Invalid user id or password"
It is a good idea to test this by actually logging into SBM. There could be an unexpected prompt or message that needs to be answered before the Connector can use this login .
CMS-XML CMN25 jobs failing with INFO record update issue
CMNINFSB INFO Service Error You already have record 18494771 checked out for update Logon accepted for user CHNGMAN; Local CCSID=00037 Logon accepted for user CHNGMAN; Local CCSID=00037
CMS-XML Promotion fails during file tailoring writing duplicate records to COMCHKTB
SEND 'CMN1000A - ISPF TBADD (COMCHKTB) SERVICE ERROR; RC - 08.',USER=(user), LOGON SEND 'CMN8703I - DEMO000266 File Tailoring service failed',USER=(user),LOGON
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