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CMS-XML Unexplained disconnection from Server task for ZMF4ECL users
completed successfully at 11:56. However, it also shows that they received a SER200I (CMN Warning! 60 seconds before detaching inactive task: USER 01 Tca
CMS-XML V7.1.3B - S0C4 abend: Issue with the user not having authority to another user’s personal datasets
session for inactive user CZ S with TCA=1371E000
CMS-XML ZMF 8.1 Passticket validation for protected userids
A ‘protected’ userid is defined by IBM as follows: “Protected user IDs are protected from being used to logon to the system and from being revoked through inactivity or unsuccessful attempts to access the system using incorrect passwords and password phrases.” These tend to be used for started task userids and similar purposes (e.g. the ZMF started task, job scheduling software, etc.).
CMS-XML Change in CMNSTG12 (S3) panel processing
Having S3-selected multiple packages from the LIST results panel (CMNLIST3 or CMNLIST4), when a resulting search on the CMNSTG12 panel results in "no matching components" found, the user should be *LEFT* on the panel, working with *THE SAME* change package. (E.G. Perhaps, knowing that there's nothing "INCOMP" within the package, the user would now like to search for " INACTIVE " components, for example.)
CMS-XML Looping and unresponsive started task
2007/08/27 14:56:00.00 SER2003I Ending CMN session for inactive user A119067 with TCA=2EEF5000
CMS-XML SER0954E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S33E Function=CONNECT/START NSI=014ADDAC
Customer has implemented the ‘TIMEOUT’ parm to detach inactive users /sessions, but problem still happens. Support asked about XML requests running without the proper disconnect, and the customer did not know of any.
CMS-XML Why are we seeing more SER8209I messages in v8.1.1?
SER8209I Logon accepted for JSHEPHE Usertyp=BAT Ccsid=00037 Tca=1835D000 UTok SER2003I Ending CMN session for inactive user JSHEPHE with TCA=18347000 SER2003I Ending CMN session for inactive user JSHEPHE with TCA=18352000
CMS-XML Intermittent S33E abends during ZMF4ECL CONNECT/LOGON
2015/10/12 09:00:00.46 SER2003I Ending XCH session for inactive user CMNSUP0 with TCA=18180000
CMS-XML SER0664W message in SERPRINT
Without the TIMEOUT parm, idle users are allowed to remain attached to the ZMF started task, consuming system storage and resulting in potential storage problems within the started task (S878 abends). Serena recommends using the TIMEOUT parm to detach inactive subtasks (i.e. users and batch jobs) after a specified period of time, to free the storage allocated to those idle subtasks. See the ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.3 Installation Guide, Appendix D, for more information on the 'TIMEOUT' parm.
CMS-XML Timeout when using Smart Editor resulting in a lost edit session.
The customer is using the Smart Editor function in RDz to edit a source component in a package. However, if they edit the source and then leave that session dormant for approximately 2 hrs they get the following error message:
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