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CMS-XML Missing ILOD (SRC-LOD relationship) records caused by inconsistent BLKSIZE on &&BAT90CTL
There are clearly one or more environmental factors contributing to this issue (e.g. customer's I/O configuration , ACS routines, etc.). We have never been able to identify or confirm what these factors are. However, we do know that specifying a consistent BLKSIZE throughout the build job (both 0 and 3200 will work, 0 is the recommended value) will resolve this issue.
CMS-XML Audit for "same-named" source components sharing the same baseline dataset
METCPY01 02.03 2012/08/13 2012/08/13 14:48 0017 0014 ACHERNA ====================================================== NOTE: The above library configuration is questionable to begin with. It is causing components overlay in baseline and other issues.
CMS-XML Missing SYNCH8 for like-named composite and subroutines
Customer is configured so that their source code generates object code which is stored as the output of their build procedures. They subsequently build like-S linkcard components to generate executable composite load modules/program objects using the stored object code. However, when the source module that matches the linkcard name is the only component changed within the composite then:
CMS-XML ACBGENs not being executed during promotion
A customer upgraded from ZMF 5.3.6 to 5.6.0. Their environment is acceptably configured such that only PSB load modules are promoted (i.e. not PSB source ) and ACBGENs are scheduled for automatic execution.
CMS-XML Autoresolve of load-to-load and object-to-load audit errors
2. Post-, we continue processing and call CMNEX022 to assess whether or not there is a like-SRC linkedit control card library type associated with the target composite library type in the CSC$TBL table. See the CMNEX022 notes below on how this relationship is established. This processing is only relevant for configurations where linkedit control cards are stored as like- SRC and staged in their own right to build composite executables.
MS-WORD ChangeMan ZMF Hilo Documentation Content and Notes
With this configuration , the loss of a source’s compile listings will be prevented.
MS-WORD Solution Brief
Software Configuration Management (SCM ... ... , controlled program source code and other development ... Dump formatting tools, such as Serena® StarTool® DA , processed the information from z/OS abnormal end (ABEND) conditions, and simplified or interpreted the contents of z/OS SYSUDUMPs (or other dump types ) and other error information. Both tools improve application programmer productivity: ChangeMan ZMF during the program development cycle, and StarTool DA during the debugging cycle. Additionally, StarTool DA is invoked during production ABENDs, often long after the traditional program development cycle is complete.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2
... for details on configuring these global and ... ... You use this configuration tool to edit ... ... section titled " Configure zMobile ... detailed information about configuring the zMobile ... file and writes source -to- ... library ADATA record type . the source component uses a ... ... and adds as source -to- ... ... discover macros as source -to- ... ... YES, any source components that are ... Processing Type Field on the ... ... to the Processing Type (P) ... ... of Like- Source Components Affected by ... ... the main Recompile Source (CMNRCMPR) ... ... a list of source members that reference ...
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
Request/Response Copybooks and the Source Component ... from a like- SRC parameter member. ... In addition, for impact analysis purposes, CMNBAQ00 now establishes a source -to-copy relationship between these two copybooks and the like- SRC parm ... copybook is changed, audit will generate a Synch4/5 against the like- SRC parameter component, which requires it to be rebuilt to pass audit. ... to allow change between simple and participating packages for all package types (planned/unplanned, permanent/temporary). ... New HLLX Configuration Report
CMS-XML What’s New in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4
file type with a Db ... processing type : ... the following processing type values for the ... Processing Type Value ... with a Component’s Source Library Type ... with a specified source component library type (CMNCLLT1) panel for the component activity files that is associated with a specified source component library type ... The package status, level, and type fields on the Package List Parameters (CMNLIST0) panel have been changed ... Package Status and Package Type Selectable Options Have Been Added ... Package Status and Package Type selectable options have been added ... in ZMFPARMS to configure access to subscriber data: ... to REST Services configuration .
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