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CMS-XML Unable to update release definitions using services (XML or web)
In summary, valid input to the releaseParms field are documented as ‘C’ (which presumably means ‘ copy ’) or blank. When attempting to update the release definition for any reason, e.g. to change the release description or install dates, supplying ‘C’ results in an error stating that the release has already been defined. Supplying blank says that it is an invalid parameter.
CMS-XML Invalid relationships being generated for Easytrieve source code
In Easytrieve the ' COPY ' statement duplicates the field definitions of a named file to another file to alleviate re-entering the same definition . For example: *----------------------------------------------------------------------
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2
... the ZMF server definitions that are contained ... ... -to- copy records for all ... ... component uses a COPY statement for copybooks ... ... -to- copy records. ... -to- copy relationships in baseline ... Processing Type Field on the Component ... ... (P) field on the Component ... ... the Last Action field identify the last ... ... Db2 User Defined Functions (UDF ... ... function is not defined ... security entity is defined ... security entity is defined ... , a new field named ... Level Language Exit Definition can be specified ... specify this exit definition by selecting the ... the HLL Exit Definition – Function Selection ...
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
New fields have been added These fields are: Field This field is set only ... ... show the extra fields : ... all AUDIT API fields and shows how ... ... -to- copy relationship between these ... -ID field ) the TSO ... -ID field displays the ID ... -ID field displayed the ID ... ... OMVS RACF segment defined to run this ... There is a new redefine flag on the DEFine ... That is, trying to DEFine ... If this flag is set to Y, the DEFine ... Invalid Field Error Message Has Been Changed ... Short message: INVALID FIELD Long message: CMN5780I - Mask not allowed in field for this report.
CMS-XML SERCOPY reallocation units
The Administrator in Change Man may define space attributes for staging libraries in blocks, tracks, or cylinders. If an out-of-space condition occurs where insufficient free space can be reclaimed after a compress to continue the copy operation , then CMN attempts reallocation through the program SERREAL.
CMS-XML XML: Cloned application generates invalid promotion sites
When creating a new application using the 'cloning' or 'optional model to copy ' feature, XML tag <applModelUsed>, the promotion site definitions are incorrectly generated in the new application. ... Enter * in line command field for local list. ... Enter * in line command field for local list.
CMS-XML XMLCPAPR - Request buffer length too small - need more than 9999 Bytes
A compilation including a COPY of XMLCPAPR results in a length of Decimal 10881 for the group REQUEST-BUFFER in XMLCPAPR-SERVICE-REQUEST. Yet the field REQUEST-BUFFER-LENGTH is defined as PIC 9(4).
MS-WORD ENH273983 how to optimize Cobol XML.docx
We have a sample program, CMNBPSCH, that does a package search specifying only a package name with the option of a wildcard and produces a report on the package status plus 6 other fields . Instead of returning all 76 tags in the result, we nominate 7 tag names in a stripped down copy of the shipped copybook. ... In the above screen shot, the result buffer is defined as before.
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
Required field values are: ... 2.Regularfile Copy ... ... ... Runtime JCL 2 Copy the sample runtime ... a Copy the SERSERVI JCL ... ... home directory you defined for SERNET. SERCMD is copied to the actual REXX execution library where SERSERVC resides by the SERSERVI install job. ... During an orderly shutdown, SERSERVC copies its message log (msglog), error log (stderr), and standard output (stdout) to SYSOUT* before terminating execution.
CMS-XML Issue specifying default DB2 subsystem in ZDDOPTS BUILD member
A customer is unable to define a default DB2 subsystem id ( field name Db2Subsystem) in the ZDDOPTS BUILD member that displays when a component is staged or built in ZMF4ECL. Regardless of specified value the field is always set to ‘blank’. ... However it can be reproduced using customer-supplied ZMF data.
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