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CMS-XML Installing a Secure Version of the ChangeMan ZMF REST API-Jenkins Integration
9. Ensure Subscriptions are Defined with HTTP Changes will be made in the 8.2 Patch 5 release which will automatically convert http to https if the subscription is defined as an AT-TLS connection.
PDF RLM HTTP Server Overview:
A typical default WebSphere configuration will serve non-SSL requests on port 9080 and SSL requests on port 9443. ... https ://HOSTNAME:8443/RLM....... (Default for Tomcat) https ://HOSTNAME:9443/RLM....... (Default for WebSphere) Configuring the Servlet for SDSF, HTML and MESSAGELOG access.
CMS-XML How to install the SBM certificate into the ZMF Connector (ALM Connector) java keystore
... via SSL / HTTPS to secure sites ... ... _URL= http \:/ ... ... _URL= https \:/ ... ... _EVENTMANAGERURL= http \:/ ... SBM_ALF_EVENTMANAGERURL= https \://localhost\:8243/eventmanager/services/ALFEventManager ... In the RLC Plugin Administrator, be sure to update the path to the ZMF Connector to also use HTTPS and the correct port. ... This KB S140385 article has a tool you can use to test whether the https url you are attempting to use is now considered secure by Java.
CMS-XML zMobile logon screen fails to respond when running under different web context
ZMFPARMS is configured ... (part 8 of 8) is configured ... Http address ... Https address . ... http :\\mainframe.lpar:8080\zmobiley\approvepackage\CHGMANY\DEMO004208 https :\\mainframe.lpar:8443\zmobiley\approvepackage\CHGMANY\DEMO004208 ... http ://mainframe.lpar:8080/zmobiley/login https ://mainframe.lpar:8443/zmobiley/login Both unsecure ( http ) and secure ( https ) ports are affected.
CMS-XML Event Response Code: 500 following the implementation of ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 3 - REST API (Revision-1)
After implementing ZMF V8.2.03 REST API Revision-1 and recycling the ZMF started task and Tomcat server, the existing subscriber got an HTTP 500 Response Code: ... They had the AT-TLS rule encrypting all ports AND they had configured Tomcat to secure ports ( HTTPS ), so it appears that their issue was caused by double encryption. ... The customer’s requirement is just that the connection is secured ( HTTPS ), so they can do that via AT-TLS rules or native security within the application (Tomcat).
CMS-XML REST API CMNURIBA connection failures after making configuration changes (http 500 errors)
und-color : #525D76; border: none;}</style> </head><body><h1> HTTP Status 500 - </h1><div class="line"
CMS-XML HTTP 403 and 401 errors when subscribing Jenkins to an Event Service
"SUBSCRIBER_HTTP_MESSAGE":"No valid crumb was included in the request", "SUBSCRIBER_URI":" https ://", "SUBSCRIBER_EVENT":"50",
CMS-XML HTTP Server (SERSERV) fails to bind to port: Return Code 2016 Reason: EHOSTNOTFOUND message
The SERSERV rexx program will bind to the hostName (ASYS in this case) rather than the IP address. The expectation is that the hostName can ping itself. The IP config at this customer is not configured to do that.
CMS-XML Mainframe Connector Extensions: Mainframe Configuration for accessing ChangeMan ZMF from SBM
Configure the RLM HTTP server; this is the server SBM uses to populate the UI widgets with ZMF information. See Configuring the RLM HTTP Server .
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
To support communications with ARM 2.0, ChangeMan ZMF users require SERSERVC, a native mainframe HTTP server than runs under SERNET. SERSERVC is written in REXX and runs under IBM's Unix System Services (USS) on the host. It supports UTF-8 character encoding only.
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