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CMS-XML Attempts to lock or unlock any application in ISPF are failing
Attempts to lock or unlock any application (ISPF global admin option A.G.7/panel CMNGBULP) in a ZMF 8.1.4 environment here always results in the DEMO application being selected for processing. For example, I have not yet selected DEMO for any lock or unlock request and these are the log records that have been generated:
CMS-XML Logical record lock table is full
The customer had a CMN11 job fail with a Abend SC03. They also had several other Installation jobs which where hanging. They tried to access the the ChangeMan task and it would hang/freeze on the Initialization screen.
CMS-XML Edit changes lost with Audit lock
We have two sessions working against the same package CMN1531A - Package CFTP000296 is locked for audit by K9800T0. At this point session one is displaying an edit screen, but the session has already failed to stage/save the changes and it will not retry. When PF3 is entered again, even after audit has finished the changes are lost and the user is returned to the component list.
CMS-XML Release installation filling logical record lock table
At this point all CMN11 jobs hung until the task was restarted. At shutdown, the CMN11 jobs failed with an IEC999I message and a SC03 abend:
CMS-XML Audit of PARTICPATING or COMPLEX package not submitting recompile jobs if 'AUTO RESOLVE = YES' and 'LOCK PACKAGE = YES'
Baseline recompile requested in TEST000672 for S5275039.SRC Service request failed , message returned by ZMF follows: CMN1531A - Package TEST000672 is locked for audit by JSHEPHE.
CMS-XML CMNENTFY process does not update checkpoint date when global parms are locked
the CMNENTFY process can still successfully send the events/transactions to the target specified in the NTFYURL address for processing. However, we fail to update the <eventNotifyCheckpoint
CMS-XML ERO promotion failing to clean up promotion levels
If a release promotion request is submitted whilst an area contains active checkin locks for components that are not being promoted, then ISPF table CLNMODTB will not be created. This means that the previous promotion level will not be cleaned up properly leading to various problems within customers' test environments.
CMS-XML XML area checkin request fails to remove some components from eligible list
When 2 administrators attempt to update Application Administration panel CMNGLP01, the "AUDIT PACKAGE LOCK " field is in update mode, rather than display mode for the 2nd administrator
CMS-XML CMN11 jobs continue to stall and fail for very large release implementations
The problem documented in DEF254868 (Release installation filling logical record lock table) could never be recreated or diagnosed here. In order to assist resolution on reoccurrence we used that CR to add extra diagnostic processing (i.e. the RLLDISP command).
CMS-XML CMNBATCH and CMNDELAY fail to update calendar and incorrect message is issued.
CMNE464I CMNVRLIO VCA=0B6A9000,USER=SERVDLAY,Active Lock..: ....0000000000000000,TTOK=00000000 CMNE464I CMNVRLIO VCA=0B6A9000,USER=SERVDLAY,Attempt to lock same record twice If task is up when CMNBATCH runs, the following are issued:
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