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CMS-XML Model dataset names and Remote Sites
1. The DP DEV MODEL DSNAME in Global Admin parameters 5th panel, must match the PRD STAGING MODEL DSNAME for it's own site . This site can be found on the Global Admin parameters 1st panel in the 'SITE NODE NAME' field. This site's PRD STAGING MODEL DSNAME is the one that must match the DEV MODEL DSNAME.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2
If your site has customized ChangeMan ... ERO has its own methods for controlling the generation of syslibs ... for a P Site ... HLL Exit Definition (P- site ) - Function Selection ... , which lists the High-Level Language (HLL) exits that you can specify for a Production (P) site :
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 2
Production Db2 Data Sets for All Defined Sites Are Now Available for Promotion and Demotion Functions ... in site administration for all sites are now available for all promotion and demotion functions at any site . In past releases, these libraries have only been available for installation sites . ... If you do, you do so at your own risk.
CMS-XML What’s New in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4
Package User Variables Are Now Displayed on the Promote/Demote Site List Panel Package user variables USR0101-USR0810 and USR1601-USR7205 now appear on the Promote/Demote Site List (CMNRPM01) panel. ... Db2 implements its own Representational State Transfer (REST) services by means of the Bind Service command.
PDF Managing CICS Resources with ChangeMan ZMF
Usually, in a typical site , only the CICS systems programmer has the authority to use CEDA. ... An example of an extracted DEFINE member for one of our own resources:
This table is intended to provide easily accessible documentation for any error conditions detected by Release Audit that may then be displayed in a report or on a Web page . The data for this table is shipped with the product and must be loaded at the customer site . ... TXT_COMP_PSTE Char(8) Promotion SIte ... INT_PNUM INTEGER Owning Package Number
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
... Locks that They Own ... he or she owns . If you own the lock, the following message ... If you do not own the lock, the follow message is displayed ... CMR7203I - Area component locks owned by WSER42, you can only delete locks you own . ... release must be in DIS or BAK status, as well as any release at a production site , for the automatic revert of attached packages to occur. ... Releases at remote production sites must be reverted before releases at development sites . ... "Support for IBM Health Checker" on page 5
CMS-XML Two different messages in CMN_453I Warning
Because there are now two messages with the same message ID going to the system log, the automated trap pages for every instance of ChangeMan as it establishes its DB2 connection. Can the first message listed above be moved to its own unique message it, i.e. something other than CMN_453I?
CMS-XML Sharing production copybook libraries between multiple applications
This can be a so-called ‘hidden’ library type (see solution number S100147 on the Support website for further information) and can be eliminated from all checkout or staging library lists using CMNEX035. ... 1. If a customer wanted to limit update of these common CPY components to a smaller number of applications, then step a. above would only be applied to the ‘ owning ’ applications.
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
Each instance must have its own directory and a unique port. ...  Follow the installation instructions in "Installing SERSERVC" on page 41, substituting another name for this instance, such as SERSERVD, in place of SERSERVC.
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