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CMS-XML M+R Batch report hangs waiting on PRINT DSN
M+R Batch report hangs waiting on PRINT DSN
CMS-XML S301 abend in SERVMAIN + 80C abend at the WAIT near label WAIT0500 (ZMF V5.3.3).
S301 abend in SERVMAIN + 80C abend at the WAIT near label WAIT 0500 (ZMF V5.3.3).
CMS-XML GETAPP looks like it hangs
GETAPP runs looks like it hangs. Actually it is waiting for Migrated datasets to be recalled.
CMS-XML Audit performance.
The Audit process for batch LOD modules takes approximately 15 minutes, the actual CPU time is 15 seconds. Majority of the 15 minute is at a wait status. Can Audit performance be improved.
CMS-XML ERO Checkin performance issue
Users have been complaining about long checkin times - one user reported that he waits for more than two minutes to checkin one component
CMS-XML TSO hang when attempting to Check out an entire library
TSO session hangs in LOng wait if user attempts to check out an entire library. This is reported by customer at 5.2.1, duplicated at Blue Hill on 5.2.3 and 5.3.0.
CMS-XML CMN55 job is submitted twice
When the CMN54 job for a "P" Site, runs before the CMN54 job for the "DP" Site, when it completes, the CMN55 job is submitted and does not wait for the CMN54 for the "DP" Site to complete. Then when the CMN54 for the "DP" Site subsequently completes, a second CMN55 is submitted, which fortunately fails because the package status is incorrect.
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF brought down the LPAR due to RACF database enqueue
CHGMAN had a shared enqueue on the RACF database... other tasks were waiting as everybody needs to do security calls to the RACF database. We did d grs,enq,c command and saw the contention.
CMS-XML Started task S0C4 REASON CODE=00000011 in SERVIVOR+35E
The STC took an S0C4 abend in SERVIVOR at offset 35E, then went into a wait . SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C4 REASON CODE=00000011 TIME=12.46.38 SEQ=00551 CPU=0000 ASID=0127
CMS-XML Batch Checkout experiencing consistent 12 minute delay in CMNVSRVC job
Batch Checkout is consistently experiencing an 12 minute delay in the first job submitted, the one that executes program CMNVSRVC. It appears the job, starts, stops (or is in a wait ) for 12 minutes, then continues and submits the second job to successfully perform the actual checkout.
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