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CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2
... Global Parameters - Part 8 of 8 ... from some external repository in a way that the assembler cannot handle, for ... the source component uses a COPY ... ... , any source components that are parsed ... for assembler language components . If a component does not need ... ... ensure that new components (not previously ... ... information in the component master to determine if a component is written in ... ... indicate that the component is written in ... ... , which are components that CICS uses ... ... on the Query Component and Query History ... ... from the Query Component Parameters (CMNQCMP ... to the Component History (CMNCMPH ...
CMS-XML Unable to delete a component from a package attached to a release.
If you checkout a component from baseline into a package that is attached to a release (with Confirm Overlay ticked) and having components already checked into release, You will find that you cannot delete the component and get the following message: CMR7519I - Component AXADSP1.SRC was not checked into release R6000097.
CMS-XML Unable to stage like-other components in v7.1 even when CMN$$xxx skeleton exists.
When you try to stage a previously checked out like-other component where the required CMN$$xxx skeleton exists on panel CMNSTG01 you get '*ERROR' under the REQUEST column (no short error message) . Hitting PF1 displays a blank long message box.
CMS-XML Unable to lock component in Active status that was selectively unfrozen
Selectively unfreeze a component, unlock it, and make a minor change so the component is in 'Active' status. When you attempt to lock the component you get 'Process Error' and the long message 'CMN2775A - Component must be in unfrozen status'. To lock the component you must selectively unfreeze the component again so it is in 'Unfrozen' status.
CMS-XML VLD processing partially removed - components cannot be deleted.
However, if you try to delete or browse the VLD component you get short message "INVALID PACKAGE" and long message "CMN1096A - Undefined package staging libraries."
CMS-XML Unable to autoresolve component into simple package (no eligible packages found)
After applying the patch for DEF174962 they still get the error although the message has changed: Unable to complete request, no eligible packages found.
CMS-XML Compare Panel Gets Component Not Found with C Option
Compare Panel Gets Component Not Found with C Option
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Unable to edit some components containing hexadecimal characters in text editor
A component contains embedded, non-display EBCDIC hexadecimal characters (e.g. x'05', x'17, etc.). This can be successfully edited
CMS-XML Edit of HFS component getting error 'SER0308I The file exists'
Edit of HFS component getting error 'SER0308I The file exists'
CMS-XML Getting security error messages while trying to edit a HFS component
The customer can edit a HFS component fine, but in the System Log they see these error messages: ICH408I USER(NBK9BQQ ) GROUP(ACJ1 ) NAME(JOHN, SMITH ) 287 /u/cjp/tmp/#C745158816DC84/
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