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CMS-XML RUNFOR parm starts shutting down ZMF task five minutes prior to the designated time with no mention of Grace period until actual shutdown happens
RUNFOR parm starts shutting down ZMF task five minutes prior to the designated time with no mention of Grace period until actual shutdown happens
CMS-XML 0C4 in SERVMAIN at offset 0E5C RC=11
Started task just started to take continuous 0C4 abends. Users are unable to logon, and anyone already signed on appears to generate a S0C4 abend.
CMS-XML ERO - package audit invalid synch5 synch16 with release packages
Two packages are attached to a release. The first package contains CPY and the second contains SRC that calls the CPY. The CPY package is checked into the first area.
CMS-XML CMNQRY00 ‘Site Affected’ field does not work for 5th site: ‘No Package Found’
On a DP site, if you have more than 4 install sites defined to a package and then issue a package query using the CMNQRY00 fields ‘Package Id’ and ‘Site Affected’, the first 4 install sites defined to a package work fine. When you enter the 5th (or higher) install site you get ‘NO PACKAGE FOUND’ and ‘CMN4030A – No packages to list’.
CMS-XML Installation Guide - RACF commands for adding STC to the started class
The command to add a user id should be listed before the command to assign the user id to the STC. Change Man Install Guide page 5 -8 Step 1 has the following command to add a STC to the started class:RDEF STARTED SERVERx STDATA(USER(SERVER) GROUP(group name))
CMS-XML Several iterations of audit required to detect all SYNCH5s (flat IA file).
Testing Scenario: First , a new Package was created containing only one component, Copybook CPY/QACAPIFS. This has a direct (unnested) impact on 10 SRC, 5 SRO programs.
CMS-XML First level post-approval notification fails with CMN1220A if BATCH vehicle used
CMS-XML "SER1027E Timeout in socket ACCEPT processing" issued at task startup.
2020/02/11 22:07:42.17 SER1027E Timeout in socket ACCEPT processing: TCA=C3D4D 5 E2
CMS-XML Version 5: CMNxADSP fails with USER ABEND CODE 0006
CMNxADSP is a batch Started Task submitted by the Change Man Started Task. RACF will assign a Started Task ID of the USERID submitting the batch Started Task. Therefore the USERID assigned to the Change Man Version 5 Started Task also needs to be defined as a Started Task and USERID in the Started Class in order for CMNxADSP to run for 'X' node dataset creation (JCL Build ) and Batch Approval Notification (optional). CMNxADSP should not be defined to RACF.
CMS-XML Incorrect panel shown in ZMF 5.5 / IMS Getting Started Guide, page 34 Item 2.
4 Dependencies - Update job scheduling dependencies 5 Affected Apps - Update affected applications 6 Complex/Super - Update cmpx/supr package information
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