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CMS-XML Incorrect panel shown in ZMF 5.5 / IMS Getting Started Guide, page 34 Item 2.
Item 2 on Page 34 (Chapter 3 , Package Update) of the ZMF / IMS Getting Started Guide, displays Panel CMNCLPRC where it should display panel CMNPGNL0, shown below. CMNPGNL0 ---------------- UPDATE: PACKAGE INFORMATION -------------- OPTION ===>
CMS-XML HLLX exit point BULD0105 issues with panel CMNSTG05 (mass stage)
HLLX exit point BULD0105 issues with panel CMNSTG05 (mass stage)
CMS-XML Setting dataChanged = "YES" for HLLX exit point FREZ0101 causes error to occur on panel CMNFRZ01.
Setting dataChanged = "YES" for HLLX exit point FREZ0101 causes error to occur on panel CMNFRZ01.
CMS-XML Why do some HLL exit points return the ‘shortMsg’ variable value to the panel and others do not?
The reason some HLL exit points returned the ‘shortMsg’ value and some do not is because any HLL exit taken by a service (ex: FREZ00XM – ‘X’ in second to last position in the name) cannot return a short message, but HLL exits taken by the client (ex: RVRT0101) can. Note: There are some inconsistencies with the way the short message is being handled by HLL exits taken by the service (‘X’ in second to last position of the internal name).
CMS-XML Retain Detail fails to remember "Checkin Options" on the Checkin panel.
If we have a program checked out in a z/OS Project and do a "ChangeMan ZMF checkin" and set the "Retain detail " flag and build then these "Checkin Options" are not remembered next time we do a "ChangeMan ZMF checkin". This will leave the Server, Application, Package and Library type blank.
CMS-XML HLLX exit points PCRE0001 and PCRE0101 fail with panel error if cursorField = “003” is used
When HLLX exit points PCRE0001 and PCRE0101 are coded to position the cursor at cursorField = “003” (package Type) you get the Short message: Panel 'CMNCRT0R' error (or ‘CMNCRT01 error’ for non-ERO)
CMS-XML ‘Last promotion details’ on panel CMNQRY29 displaying incorrect date/time statistics after exiting panel CMNQRY27
PF3 from panel CMNQRY27 will take you back to panel CMNQRY29. Notice the ‘Last promotion details ’ now display a different date/time. It is no longer from the latest promotion, but the oldest promotion.
CMS-XML HLLX REXX exit points APRV00XM and APRV01XM displaying ‘Ended by HLL exit’ in panel short message area
ny HLL exit point that has a ‘X’ in the second to last position will not return a custom short message. For example,
CMS-XML Excessive information on BofM/Q.I panel when using shared baseline libs
When sharing baselines between a large number of applications the information returned on the query impact (Q.I) and bill of materials (q.b) panels such as CMNIMPB1, CMNIMPD4, CMNIMPI1, etc., can be excessive to the point where it is almost unusable. Whilst the information supplied in the 'Found in Appl:Libtype (common baselines)' is undoubtedly useful a method of optionally suppressing it is also required.
CMS-XML Wrong Promotion history information showing on Overlay panel
The DEVL1 promotion libraries are the same in each application. Same for the QUAL1 promotion libraries. TEST1, TEST2 and TEST3 point to different promotion libraries.
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