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CMS-XML How to troubleshoot the RLM (Release Manager) 4.x and ChangeMan ZMF integration
No changes in SBM are reflected in ... ... alm ), switch to the ZMF ... ... orchestrations, use SBM Composer to review ... No changes in ZMF are reflected in SBM This is case sensitive an the ... ... NTFYURL=' sbm _host_ ... ... being sent to SBM by using the ... ... in ZMF by changing ‘ON’ ... Verify that SBM is receiving the ... looking in the SBM ALFEventManager.log ... \Serena\ SBM \Common\ ... ... are received by SBM , use SBM Composer to review ... Some changes in ZMF are not reflected in SBM (or vise ...
CMS-XML The "EDIT memname.typ" command is 'partially' case sensitive.
CMS-XML Reset default BMS map type to &TLODLTP rather than MAP
IEF212I SNEVINU LINKMAP SYSLMOD - DATA SET NOT FOUND This default value in CMN$$VAR should be changed to reference &TLODLTP rather than MAP to minimise the amount of customisation required to integrate this new functionality into most affected customer's environment. Originally reported by customer upgrading from 6.1.3 to 7.1.3 but also exists in 8.1.0.
CMS-XML SBM/RLC is running out of disk space, running out of memory, becomes slow and must be restarted several times a day, ZMF tasks are getting "stuck" at In Progress
To verify that your are seeing the issue described in this document, run this XML transaction on ZMF. (You will need to change the subsys to match your system.) <?xml version="1.0"?> <service name="PARMS">
CMS-XML How to setup an integration between ChangeMan ZMF and SBM
XXXX is your server where the ALM Connector was installed. Also, by default the ALM Connector uses port 8080. If you changed this port, make sure to use the correct port here.
CMS-XML Change return code for CMNBATCH error NO GLOBAL RECORD FOUND
Occasionally a customer will report receiving a rc=12 in CMNBATCH step, when deleting packages, with the message "NO GLOBAL RECORD FOUND". In most cases Support recommends re-running the job, and it will complete successfully. Two customers have reported receiving the error on subsequent runs of housekeeping, and on different packages.
CMS-XML Return code change in the XML-Service PACKAGE PRM_HST LIST.
A regression has been found in the Return Code logic in the following XML service PACKAGE PRM_HST LIST. If this service is run and if the relevant package has never been promoted to the selected site the XML service ends with RC 12. This used to return a RC 8 in ZMF 5.6.3 if this was the case . The program in error is SERXMLBC.
CMS-XML CMPONENT / APL_SECR / UPDATE XML Service cannot be used to change fields with "*" as data.
The CMPONENT / APL_SECR / UPDATE XML Service cannot be used to change "*" fields. "*" can be used as a mask character for the NAME and TYPE for COMPONENT LEVEL SECURITY. XML services treat "*" as a wildcard, and in the case it needs to be teated as data.
CMS-XML Changes to component option search pattern in ZMF 5.3
This means that any user supplied options to a mass stage will always be ignored in every case EXCEPT where the component is brand new to the ZMF subsystem. Once the component has been added to a package it is difficult to override the option without deleting the component from the package or manually re-staging the component through the ISPF interface.
CMS-XML ZMF ‘WORK REQUEST ID’ value not cleared when ‘detach’ performed in SBM
If a package is created in ChangeMan ZMF with a WORK REQUEST ID value (ex ‘TEST’), when the SBM request is committed (attached) to the ZMF package, the WORK REQUEST ID on the ZMF package is set to the SBM ‘BUG’ number (ex: BUG000004). Again, this is expected behavior. When a detach is done the ‘WORK REQUEST ID’ on the ZMF package is correctly reset to the original value (in this example it would be ‘TEST’.)
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