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MS-WORD ChangeMan ZMF Hilo Documentation Content and Notes
... feeding the ‘ SQL ("HOST ... ... &STR( SQL ("XXX ... ... &STR( SQL ("HOST ... ... &STR( SQL ("VERSION ... ... &STR( SQL ("XXX ... ... &STR( SQL ("HOST ... ... &STR( SQL ("VERSION ... ... &STR( SQL ("XXX ... ... &STR( SQL ("HOST ... ... &STR( SQL ("VERSION ... ... &STR( SQL ("XXX ... ... &STR( SQL ("HOST ... ... &STR( SQL ("VERSION ... ... been modified to allow for variable CICS ...
CMS-XML Multiple SQL -501 errors in Function: CS03FTCH
A customer has found that when a user performs a selective retrieve in ERO, the STC issues multiple -501 errors in the STC. This seems to be a one off error as both customer and Serena Support cannot recreate the issue at will.
CMS-XML How to setup an integration between ChangeMan ZMF and SBM
What will the integration allow me to do?
CMS-XML Failed attempt to delete TT4ZMF package ejects user from ISPF interface
When a user attempts to memo delete a package using the CMN ZMF ISPF interface and they receive the following error message the package is not deleted and the user is ejected from the ISPF interface: CMN5000I SER0063W - HTTP server did not respond Their system is using a TT4ZMF Control Level of 1 (No Control) and if the SBM server is completely unavailable in this scenario then the request is processed in the correct manner.
CMS-XML RLM/SRA: How to connect to ChangeMan ZMF directly from an SBM solution (outdated)
The Mainframe Connector ChangeMan ZMF plug-in bundle includes orchestration event definitions that can optionally be used for custom Release Manager or SBM solutions. These allow connectivity to ChangeMan ZMF directly from the SBM solution without routing through Release Automation.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: CRRZB0271E attempting to use the BMS Map editor
Whilst this issue exists, users wishing to use the BMS Map editor will need to checkout the component to external, personal datasets and edit the components using RDz/IDz tools. Once complete the components can be checked back into the package for progression through the lifecycle.
CMS-XML Abends and SQL errors running area retrieve commands using XML Services
, Internal Function: HI01ISRT 10.49.01 STC03215 CMR8100A VCA=42BE0000, USER =O70293 ,
CMS-XML Invalid SQL -803 errors using XML Services to checkin release components
2013/07/16 08:00:16.29 CMR8100A VCA=16820000, USER =SNEVIN , SQL Function: INSERT , SQL Code: -00803, SQL State: 23505
CMS-XML ERO: Multiple SQL -501 errors on CIM table
2006/07/10 03:42:58.47 CMR8100A VCA=245F0000, USER =CMNBATCH, SQL Function: FETCH , SQL Code: -00501, SQL State: 24501
CMS-XML Use of CMNDB2DD LINEFEED parameter in relation to debugging DB2 native SQL stored procedures
The CMNDB2DD LINEFEED=YES parameter appends a hexadecimal ’25’ character to the end of each line of SQL read from the input member. The default for this parameter is NO and it was originally implemented to allow integration with alternative, third party development tools.
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