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CMS-XML User is not notified on SHUTDOWN when ZMF logon CLIST uses CONNECT(T)
Users connected though ISPF using CONNECT(T) in the ZMF logon CLIST, even if active on same LPAR as ZMF STC , do not receive notification that the ZMF STC is being SHUTDOWN . Using CONNECT( ) or CONNECT(X) the notification of the shutdown is received.
CMS-XML ISPF variables missing values when post-approval uses BATCH for the notification vehicle
Customer is getting two or three instances a week of e/ mails notifications for post approvals failing to be delivered because the package creator (PCRTID) is low values (missing) and so an invalid e/ mail address is being created.
CMS-XML FF: CMNO004I CMNENTFY Unable to connect to Notify server.
FF: CMNO004I CMNENTFY Unable to connect to Notify server .
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Notifications not sent to users after automatic reconnection to ZMF Server
ZMF4ECL contains automatic reconnection logic that is executed if a user has been disconnected from the ZMF Server task (e.g. if the user has exceeded the specified SDNOTIFY/TIMEOUT parameter value for this ZMF instance ). If a user invokes this reconnection logic all subsequent notifications that should be sent to users are not being sent. Variable &NTFYIPA is set to &Z in all further file tailoring requests meaning that relevant notification parms and/or job steps are not included in the JCL being executed.
CMS-XML Messenger JCL to append the Notify
Cannot get the auto-messenger to work to append and notify when job complete. SERNET STC parm setup for 'automessenger=yes' and is not working. Appending of the JCL to proc is not occurring.
CMS-XML Failed promotion cleanup notifies task id
If the CMNADSP that is submitted for promotion cleanup fails, a SEND is issued to the started task id. The SEND should be issued to the package creator.
CMS-XML ZMF Server Started Task CPU Utilization Increase (SERNTFYR)
A spike in the ZMF Server started task's CPU utilization has been identified in relation to user notification processing. For example, the concurrent checkout warning messages issued by program SERNTFYR.
CMS-XML Batch notification fails and issues invalid security message
The release block function causes an invalid CMN1066I message when a BATCH notification vehicle has been assigned to one of the Install Approvers. The following message is issued by both the file tailoring task (CMNsADSP) and the SERVER started task : CMN1066I - Security entity RRRR undefined; contact Security Admin.
CMS-XML Unexplained disconnection from Server task for ZMF4ECL users
out and disconnected from the Server task in a much shorter period. For one example, a user's ZMF4ECL Notification view shows that they submitted a promotion job at 11:55 which
CMS-XML Not all Batch Approval notifications sent if ECP is used for prior approval level
If you have your first level of Planned Approvals defined to use SERNET so you receive an email from ECP when the package is frozen, and also have at least two different Batch Approval notifications for your level two approvals, when you approve the first level via ECP, not all the Batch Notifications for level two approvals are sent (only one is sent). In the JESMSGLG for your Started Task and you will see the following for each Batch Notification that is not sent:
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