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CMS-XML Unexplained S378 abends running audit after upgrade to z/OS 1.10
Shortly after upgrading to z/OS 1.10 a customer noticed that their CMN ZMF 5.6.1 package audit jobs started abending sporadically in both the AD 000/CMNAD000 and AD 500/CMNAD500 steps with S378 completion codes. The output showed the following type of symptom dump:
CMS-XML S0C4 abend in CMNINIT during checkin
PSW AT ENTRY TO ABEND 078D2000 970 AD 4C2 ILC 04 INTC 0011 0PSW LOAD MODULE ........ ADDRESS = 17098F90 OFFSET = 00014532 NAME=CMNRCKIN
CMS-XML Audit autoresolve submitting multiple recompiles for the same SRC components
A customer upgraded to ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 2. When they now run audit with autoresolve enabled to fix, for example, any SYNCH5! errors that exist within the package, the AD 500 step often submits multiple recompile requests for the same SRC component. This should not occur and only one recompile request should be submitted for each SRC component, regardless of the number of errors that require the recompile to be executed to resolve them.
CMS-XML CMNEX021 X21£STAT field not being set correctly when autoresolve enabled
The X21£STAT (X21$STAT) value passed to CMNEX021 can be set incorrectly in the AD 500 step when the autoresolve option has been enabled on a package audit. This can lead to various problems in customer audits depending on exactly how the customer is using this field in their exit 21 processing.
CMS-XML S32E-11C abend in ZMF Server started task when multiple HSM recall requests are processed simultaneously
A user submitted an audit job for a relatively large, old package where the staging datasets had all been migrated to HSM level 2. The audit job ended with a RC=20 in the AD 000/ AD 500 steps and the following messages in the AD 000 SYSPRINT file: ... CMN7801A - Audit discovered too many integrity errors in the package to continue.
CMS-XML IMPACT failing to process baseline libraries after upgrade to V8.1
A customer who has recently upgraded a DP system to ZMF 8.1 reports that they are now receiving audit RC=20 in the AD 000 and AD 500 steps along with the following message when audits of packages in certain applications are run: CMN2624A - There are no XAP=appl sysin parms OR the application specified is not in the I/A table; Audit cannot continue. CMN7540I - End of job; RC = 20
CMS-XML CMNAD000 possibly looping and causing CPU utilization issues
A customer recently upgraded from ZMF 7.1.2 to 8.1. After doing so, audits of one of their larger complex packages appears to loop and/or send the started task into a loop in the AD 000/CMNAD000 step. They have applied the patch in the hope of resolving the issue.
CMS-XML S0C4-10 CMNAD500+19E20 (CMNAD210+1518) running simple package audit
A customer is running package audit against a simple package and the AD 500 step is failing with the following abend
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4 Db2 Option: Required migration job DB2ALTER missing from early versions of documentation
ZMF Db2 option customers upgrading to ZMF 8.2 Patch 4+ must run the DB2ALTER job as a part of their upgrade, prior to re-binding CMNDB2 AD . This job is missing from early versions of the 8.2 Patch 4 documentation (e.g. Readme and/or Migration Guide). Failure to run this job will result in the bind of CMNDB2AD failing with a RC=12 and the following type of errors:
CMS-XML Audit getting S0C7 in SERDATES at OFFSET=000001D8 on package with HFS components
When Audit was run against a package with a number of HFS components it abended in step AD 000 with a S0C7 in module SERDATES at OFFSET=000001D8.
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