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CMS-XML CMNDB2PL fails incorrectly with CMN7034A error when MEM is used as an abbreviation for MEMBER
temp dataset. It looks for all MEMBER statements to ensure that the DBRMs being promoted or installed are contained in a MEMBER clause. If not, the CMN7034A error is issued.
CMS-XML 6.1.1 version of CMNDB2PL does not work correctly when using CMNEX101.
When 2 administrators attempt to update Application Administration panel CMNGLP01, the "AUDIT PACKAGE LOCK" field is in update mode, rather than display mode for the 2nd administrator Customer reported that their customizations to CMNEX101 were not working when more that one set of bind control 'sets' were passed to it. In the customer's case they were passing a DBB member and a PKG member. When both are passed, CMNDP 2 PL fails with "CMN7030A Invalid value returned by Plan Lookup User Exit.".
A customer recently reported the following RC=8 failure that they encountered whilst executing the Db2 stored procedure utility program, CMNDB 2 DD: CMNDD004E Bad SQL code returned from processing this sentence. SQLCA messages follow:
CMS-XML CMNWRITE fails to discover SQL INCLUDEs, when COBOL comments are after the EXEC
081397 EXEC SQL Y 2 KAAA*BBB ************************************* Y2KAAA*BBB ** CONVERSION PGM SUFFIX = XX999 **
CMS-XML CMNPARSE failing to identify relationship (COBOL exec sql include)
CMS-XML Use of CMNDB2DD LINEFEED parameter in relation to debugging DB2 native SQL stored procedures
However, when doing this they discovered that they were unable to set any breakpoints in the stored procedures. Double-clicking in the margin failed to have any effect or the entire stored procedure was displayed as a single, continuous string of statements.
CMS-XML Unexpected CMNDB2SQ -00812 error after running DB2OPTN
CMNDB 2 SQ request failed with SQL error CMN7011I CMNDB2PL is terminating due to errors.
CMS-XML Intermittent ‘Passticket generation failed’ messages
Computer Associates have researched and diagnosed the issue and affected customers should contact them to discuss resolution options related to CA-ACF 2 APARs TR94877 and TR95122.
CMS-XML Problems working with ZMF in Java perspective
2 . Whilst researching this we hit several intermittent problems where component checkins failed with 'Error uploading to Data Set '. We have been unable to consistently recreate this error here but it also warrants investigation.
To verify or determine what access path you have on your IA table, you can REBIND the CMNx Package with member CMNDB2SQ with EXPLAIN(YES). EXPLAIN will add rows to the EXPLAIN table showing all the access paths that will be used for all the SQL statements in the CMNDB 2 SQ DBRM on the IA table. If you are unauthorized to do this, then please contact your DBA and they will be able to arrange this for you.
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