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CMS-XML CMNRAHAR parm error processing 'short' DB2 subsystem names
CMNRAHAR parm error processing 'short' DB2 subsystem names
CMS-XML RPC Error, RC = 28, CMN0041E - Invalid Object / Message Name
Using the RPC samples, an RPC batch program will attach to the started task, but any RPC call will fail with a return code 28 and message CMN0041E indicating an invalid object message name .
CMS-XML Copy error while copying IMS FMT loads with strange names
Get 'CMN0294 Error encountered copying from staging data set', when copying FMT loads into a package in ZMF 5.5.0. The FMT have strange names: _________ ."gYCH2F
CMS-XML Using all 32 characters in staging model name causes IEF642I error
In A.G.6 site name , if you enter;
CMS-XML Audit reporting SYNCH0! errors against strange CSECT names
A customer is reporting invalid audit SYNCH0! errors being reported against executables being generated in their environment. For example, note the first SYNCH0!
CMS-XML File Tailoring error in CMNRPMB0 when promoting HFS component with name 63 characters or greater
If an HFS component has a longname 63 characters or greater, when you do a promote you get the file tailoring error message: Line to be written greater than data set LRECL (80), CMNRPMB0 record-33 CN(INTERNAL) CMN8703I - HFS 000007 File Tailoring service failed CN(INTERNAL)
CMS-XML XML tag error in CMN100 REXX causes output to omit DB2 logical name on report
In the CMN100 REXX code when services DB2ADMIN APL_ACTV LIST and DB2ADMIN APL_LOGL LIST are run they reference incorrectly tag <logicalName>. Because of this the 'Logical Name' in the 'DB2 Active Library Information' section of the report is blank as is the 'DB2 Logical Name' in the 'DB2 Logical System Information' section of the report. Note: similar problem exists in the CMN990 REXX code.
CMS-XML Missing SYNCH8! errors for same-named composite-subroutine components
A customer has encountered a missing SYNCH8! problem for OBJ-LOD relationships where the object module and the executable share the same name and the subroutine is being included from the ‘dummy’ BUN library (i.e. x’7FFFFFFF'/9999/999). The same issue also exists for LOD-LOD subroutine-type relationships.
CMS-XML Parsing Error in CMNDB2PL when OWNER is part of the plan name.
Parsing error . Processing DBB member = DTHOWNER
CMS-XML Receiving copy error when staging IMS FMT loads with strange member names
However both the Online and Batch stage do not handle these components correctly. The Online copy sometimes fails with short message 'Copy error ', and long message 'CMN0294 Error encountered copying from staging data set'. The Batch stage does do the copy, but the displayed names in S2 are different then the names in the staging library.
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