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CMS-XML Incorrect message displayed during relink if LCT baseline is empty.
When you do a relink and have ‘LCT MEMBER LIST’ set to ‘YES’ and the LCT baseline is empty, if you leave the INPUT and TARGET library types blank so the selection panel CMNRLTYP is displayed you will receive the error messages: Panel 'CMNRLNK0' error Invalid cursor field/area specified as a parameter.
CMS-XML JCL ERROR occurs when 2 DB2 Logical definitions are specified for the same target datasets and the same DB2 Subsystem.
When 2 DB2 Logical definitions are specified for the same target datasets and the same DB2 Subsystem, for DB2 SUBTYPE Q, CMNDB2DQ creates 1 temporary SQL file. There are two steps created for CMNDB2DD, which is correct, however, the temp SQLLIB file is deleted when the first CMNDB2DD step runs due to DISP=(OLD,DELETE) being specified. The 2nd
CMS-XML IEW2606S error message from binder when target is PDS when building SQL components
Customers who wish to target their SQL component builds at a PDS can change 2 skels as follows: 1. CMN$$PLK - Should input the &&&&OBJECT dataset into the SYSIN. 2. CMN$$LNK - Should input the &&&&LOADSET dataset if prelink was run.
CMS-XML Panel CMNAPSS4 incorrectly populated.
When Staging an APS component the TARGET DB, TARGET DC, LANGUAGE and PROCEDURE fields are not populated with the correct data. They are populated with the data from the LAST component staged, NOT the component currently being staged.
CMS-XML Synch8 then autoresolve relinks wrong component type
Libtype SRC has a target libtype of LOD. There is also a libtype LOB (like L) within the same application. It shares its baseline lib with type LOD.
CMS-XML TLODLTP being set incorrectly with online mass stage
CMN$$VAR is used to change the target load based on a user option being selected. When a mass stage is performed with a mix of components (user option Y and N ) the target load type is not correct.
CMS-XML WD4ZMF: Incorrect component names being displayed
When a component is staged into a package and simultaneously renamed then subsequent displays of the package components via WD4ZMF will display the component's source name rather than the target name. That is:
CMS-XML CMNHUTIL behaving unpredictably when target location space exhausted
The CMNHUTIL module, which is used for various hfs functionality including the copying of hfs components between locations, is behaving incorrectly in relation to some ‘out of space’ conditions on the target directory. It can end with a RC=0 in this situation despite omitting or truncating components. This may only be identified by users after further research of production or test system problems shows that components have not been copied in the correct manner.
CMS-XML ERO Audit issues ERR0403 when SRC->OBJ only relationship exists
The environment is that like-S libtype SRC is defined to target like-L libtype LOD as usual.
CMS-XML CMN7215E ZMF newcopy support not installed in target CICS
Customer is testing ZMF 8.2 Patch 4 with CICS 5.5. and CICS 5.2 which results in the same error message:
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