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CMS-XML Changes to prior release content version regression processing (ERR0417! errors) in ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.2
C1,C2,C3-Checkout, DP-Detach from Release, F1,F2,F3,F4-Freeze PM, DM -ERO Package Promotion/Demotion, QC-Query Area Components QP-Query Package, RC-Recompile, RB-Retrieve Batch, RL-Relink,
CMS-XML DM in Release Package List (CMNRMPLF) demotes from last promoted site, not the Release Promotion Site.
There is a change in behavior from ZMF 7.1.3 to 8.1.1 with regard to ERO and the Demotion functionality. If you have package A connected to R1. Then promote it to SITE1, a release promotion site. Afterwards, it was promoted to SITE8, which is NOT a release promotion site.
PDF Managing CICS Resources with ChangeMan ZMF
ChangeMan ZMF manages all of the mainframe program changes . Dimensions ® manages all Web Services.”
CMS-XML ERO - incorrect line command during recompile
Change Package related: ... RV ......Revert QP ......Query BD ...ET Demote DM ...Area Demote
CMS-XML New 'Point and Shoot' fields missing from )PNTS section of panels CMNAPPOP AND CMNLIST5
To correct the problem the following panel changes should be made: ... FIELD(ZPS01012) VAR(ZCMD) VAL( DM )
CMS-XML Application Admin for REPORTS - DEFINE does not change report access for USERS.
Application Admin for REPORTS - DEFINE does not change report access for USERS .
CMS-XML User unable to edit and save changes, when component has been saved previously by someone else.
If USERA attempts to edit a component that was previously saved by USERB, the changes are not saved and "Checkin failed CMN8262I - Component to be staged is locked by USERB." is issued. Also, Admins are allowed to edit the component successfully. If the user logins to ISPF ZMF, saves the component there and then attempt the edit in ZMF for Eclipse, the edit is then successful.
CMS-XML User option values reset when using XML Checkin Service
When a component is XML checked into a package where it already exists any changes to the user options (&USROPnn) for that component in that package are lost.
CMS-XML Packages can be baselined while users are still editing components
When components are being edited they are not marked INCOMP until the changes are saved/the user leaves the edit session. However, the possibility exists that one user may be actively editing a component whilst another user is in the process of baselining a package. In this situation, the user who is editing the component can still complete their changes and re-build the component in the package datasets despite the fact that the installation process is underway or the package has already been baselined.
CMS-XML CMN900 report removes spaces in ‘User Option’ section shifting ‘Y’ values to the left.
Additional information: A work around to the problem is to change the ‘Output_Result:’ section in the CMN900 REXX code from this: Output_Result:
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