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CMS-XML ISPF stats on some FMT component cause problems in IMS
ChangeMan ZMF: DFS 057I - Requested Block not available: xxxxxx RC=28
CMS-XML SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=U0067 Function=MASTER/UPDATE NSI=
The following error is encountered when the component master record store datasets are out of space. Record storage space exhausted SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=U0067 Function=MASTER/UPDATE NSI=20 DF 409E (the NSI value will vary)
CMS-XML Unexplained S0C1 on ZMF server started task
694 DUMPID=012 REQUESTED BY JOB (CHGDYP ) 694 DUMP TITLE=COMPID= DF 115,CSECT=????????+????,DATE=??/??/??,MAINT 694 ID=????????,ABND= 0C1,RSN=00000001
CMS-XML Bypassing audit of vendor-supplied load modules
00003D98 2013/08/17 64 DF 9055 HPSMRTRP ZMF 000079 STED 00003D98 2013/08/17 64 DF 9055 SERALLOC 00000768 2011/03/22 6058394E SYNCH7! SERALLOC ZMF 000079 STED 000008E0 2017/07/14 6C38DD34 SYNCH20!s such as the following:
CMS-XML How to resolve TCP/IP failure caused by S878 abend in ZMF?
======================== TCP/IP TAKESOCKET: RC=FFFF ErrNo=121 TCA=1A632000 Task=CMN TCB=0088E360 TIE=1AA2 DF 50 Sock=0 TCP/IP SETSOCKOPT: RC=FFFF ErrNo=1027 TCA=1A632000 Task=CMN TCB=0088E360 TIE=1AA2DF50 Sock=
CMS-XML CMNDSPTM step in CMN30 abended with a S0C4
23:45:18 TIME=23.45.17 SEQ=00470 CPU=0000 ASID=00F6 23:45:18 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 078D1000 8000 DF 0E ILC 4 INTC 11 23:45:18 ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=00007000 OFFSET=00006F0E
With 6 075C1000 80 DF 6CF6 ILC 2
CMS-XML S0C4 abend in CMN$POFM, when using "O OFMlist - Online Forms package list"
TIME=15.27.07 SEQ=05636 CPU=0000 ASID=017F PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 078C1000 961F2 DF 0 ILC 6 INTC 10 ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=161F2880 OFFSET=00000570
CMS-XML MVS data set concatenation extent limits.
up to 123 partitioned data sets. This is for MVS DF /SMS V 1.0 or higher.
CMS-XML Intermittent S33E abends during ZMF4ECL CONNECT/LOGON
2015/10/12 08:54:16.58 SER4181I CMNSUP0 updated member CMNSUP.A00AA.#CFAFAA0.#1 DF 4A12(AFLAC1)
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