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CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2
... uses a COPY statement for copybooks that ... ... extracts only macro references . ... Applied to CALL Statements in Trigger Code to CALL statements in Trigger Code ... CALL statements are now included ... ... source members that reference it. ... /POST/ DELETE actions along with ... Job statement information. ... , there is limited information. ... the SYSTSPRT DD statement has been expanded ... the SYSTSPRT DD statement as recommended above ... by the ASIDS4RECALL parameter in the SERSYSIN DD statement of the started task JCL. ... The limit can be changed ... You can now specify a new NETTRACE parameter on the SERSYSIN DD statement of the start-up JCL of the Sernet
CMS-XML What’s New in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4
Several DD Statements Have Been Removed ... ... and ISPTLIB DD statements have been removed ... These DD statements are only needed ... _ Include deleted components ... 1 for components deleted from a package ... with "* DELETED " in the ... The Delete Release Command in ERO Now Deletes The Delete Release (DR ... in ERO now deletes zFS ... you had to delete the associated zFS ... is archived or deleted , these services ... code that references it. ... You cannot delete a library type from the ... Product Referenced ... in SYSIN control statements to bring up a Sernet ... to manage CPU utilization and limit the potential for memory fragmentation.
DB2 conflict check during checkout ... %INCLUDE statements when copybook ... With large baseline libraries, restrict use of ‘*’ for component wildcard ... Look for large record numbers added + deleted
CMS-XML Refreshing Linklist Lookaside (LLA) in Batch
Renaming or deleting members is not enough. The new TTR must be "refreshed" into the LLA or all subsequent references to the renamed/ deleted members will still point to the old versions. ... // F LLA,UPDATE=MI <------------------------------------LLA refresh statement
CMS-XML Tutorial panel CMNHMSC4 does not match what is on panel CMNSTG16.
As of ZMF v8.1.0, CMNSTG16 now uses numbers, but panel CMNHMSC4 still references letters. ... 1 - Print dataset and delete ... 3 - Delete dataset without printing ... Delete ... Print then delete ... JOB STATEMENT INFORMATION IF DISPOSITION IS 'PD' OR 'PK'
CMS-XML CMNBAT40 calculating package aging using incorrect value
From the JCL Reference Manual, the SMBDFR subparameter is documented as follows: ... 2. Add the SMBDFR=N parameter to your master file DD statements in your started task JCL. ... a. this will limit the potential impact of any catastrophic system problems on any ZMF data that has not yet been written to the file.
CMS-XML CMN ZMF & VSAM I/O Optimization
The primary way to eliminate the external I/O is to keep the "just read" record in memory, or in a buffer. This means the next time this Index or Data record is needed, VSAM will find it in the buffer and eliminate the external I/O. ... For many years customers used the BUFNI and BUFND parameters in the Package Master DD statement to manage these buffers. However one of the problems with BUFNI and BUFND is that they are limited in their size, or the number of records that can be stored.
CMS-XML v7.1.1 XML COBOL copybook XMLCPSCC still references deleted result tags
v7.1.1 XML COBOL copybook XMLCPSCC still references deleted result tags
CMS-XML IMS ACB Build Statements not being deleted.
When a DBD or PSB is deleted from a package, it is removed from the staging dataset and the package records as expected. However, when the package is promoted or installed, the deleted component still resides in table ACBBLDTB, causing it to be included in the ACBGEN step. Because it no longer exists in the package, this step fails.
CMS-XML ERO: DD Statement Error in JCL member CMNDB2RP
Member CMNDB2RP in the delivered .CNTL library contains an incorrect dataset name reference . The DBRMLIB ddname below refers to DSN=somnode.CMNZMF.CNTL.
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