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CMS-XML ERO: Invalid ERR0412 (copybook deleted) entries in CMNERRORS table
However, 2 others with TXT_COMP_TYPE = D are also written. One contains no information besides TXT_COMP_TYPE and INT_ERROR_NUMBER. The last entry contains most of the completed fields but TXT_INC_COMP_NAME remains blank.
CMS-XML Problem with VSAM INFO file and package delete
short message - INFO SUBSYSTEM ERROR
CMS-XML CMN1305A - Undefined site information - issued when sites deleted from Global.
If many sites are removed from Global Admin, there is a gap left in the package master record sequence numbers, if the sites are all contained on 1 global admin record. Each record contains 3 site definitions, so deleting 3 sites may produce the error . When the gap is created, CMN1305A is issued when a package is created, that uses one of the sites that is contained on a record that is after the gap.
CMS-XML Can the SSI information be plugged into easytrieve modules? Currently information is not and is causing SYNCH9 errors at audit time.
Exits 20,21, and 31 can be used to eliminate the SYNCH9's by either changing the SYNCH9 return code, or by eliminating the library type from audit. If you were to consider these exits, you would have to consider creating a separate library type for the source code, since the exits process based on libtype.
CMS-XML Invalid CMN1115A un-deleting package from package list
When attempting to un- delete a package from a list of packages the first attempt fails with the error detailed below: CMNDELT4 ----------------- MEMO DELETED PACKAGE LIST --- UNDEFINED APPLICATION COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> CSR
CMS-XML Error Msg CMN5370I Is Not Documented
Error Msg CMN5370I Is Not Documented and it has at least two different text msgs associated with it. 1.CMN5370I - Production site information must be deleted first. 2.CMN5370I - Promotion site information must be deleted first.
CMS-XML Can not Delete a package with INFOMAN interface.
Can not delete some packages. After the 'D1' they get short message ' INFO SUBSYSTEM ERROR ',
CMS-XML CMN1017A - No participating package information found
If you have a complex and participating package, then change the participating package to a simple package and memo delete the complex package, when you stage/compile a component in the now simple package it works fine. Once you run housekeeping to remove the deleted complex package from the Package Master and attempt to stage/compile the same component again you receive the error ‘CMN1017A - No participating package information found’.
CMS-XML On Application Admin panel CMNCLRST line commands 'I' (insert) and 'R' (repeat) are not working
In v5.3.5, on Application Admin panel CMNCLRST (option A.A.8), when the user tries to insert ( 'I') or repeat ('R') a line to add a new site a 'Process Error ' is generated in the upper right corner (PF1 error message: CMN5370I - Promotion site information must be deleted first).
CMS-XML ERO: Area audit adversely affected by deletion of joined/related application
a) area audit job hanging, doing nothing until the point it is finally cancelled. b) audit failing to properly generate the necessary consolidated baseline information and ignoring all baseline information that comes after the deleted application resulting in various accuracy errors in the report itself. In both cases, audit provides no indication of the underlying problem.
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