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CMS-XML COBOL Driver CMNODMSL is out-of-synch with the Assembler Copybook
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 2
to identify four (4) items: 1 The XML Data Element Name (or XML tag name ), the ZMF data source . 2 The Length of the data desired on the report (can differ from the actual ZMF data length).
CMS-XML What’s New in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4
... Supports Mixed Case Names Up to 128 ... ... component the same name as a native ... ... supported stored procedure names with the same ... as PDS member names , that is not case sensitive, ... No environmental changes are ... ... the area but are not listed: ... Audit as Primary Defaults to Yes for ... ... CMNAUDIT) panel defaults to ... create date is no longer a driver of the search ... ... and Application Administrators Cannot Specify the Same ... The default behavior , where no CONNECT parameter is ... Long Name Component Master ... happen if you have not run a conversion ... ... , or Long Name Component Master file ...
PDF ChangeMan ZMF 6.1 CMNCICS1
... 1 is the driver program for CICS ... ... NEWCOPY is the default where nothing is ... ... target CICS program is not refreshed. ... target CICS program is not refreshed. Options OPR, OPS, and OPQ issue operator commands which do not return a status code. ... SYSIN Input Input file containing 80-byte keyword parameter records SYSPRINT Output Report file that displays information from the execution of CMNCICS1 CMNIN Input Alternate for DD name SYSIN CMNOUT Output Alternate for DD name SYSPRINT
CMS-XML Invalid SEREX006 MSGS dataset allocation attempted
... Approver: Project Manager Order no : 1 ... the messages were no longer produced and the ... SER2005I CMN Detach user SNEVIN: TCA=25AA9000 ASID=008 D ... SER1402I Name =SEREX006 old/new EPA=1581B0 D 0/1581B0 D 0 RC=0 ... SER1403I Name =SEREX006 old/new token=7F585271-000000C8/7F585271-000000C8 ... SER1405I Name =SEREX006 SEREX006 20170227 07.20 Exit 006 Dynalloc values
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
If you do not own the lock, the follow message is displayed ... Multiple ZMF Sessions in Split Screen Mode Is Not Supported ... The packages attached to a release in APR status will not be automatically reverted. ... If the component has not been changed ... to a package's approval list if certain Online Forms Manager (OFM) forms are included in the package, and are in approved or unfrozen status. ... 4 and no change in the variable length. ... CMN5780I - CMN170 report requires an unmasked package name
CMS-XML SVC Integrity Issue
Once a program name has been added to CMNSVC, can 'normal' users install CMNSVC? ... Can a system programmer add program names to module CMNSVC? ... Once a program name has been added to CMNSVC, can the system programmer install CMNSVC? ... Now that the CMNSVC is loaded, can CMNSVC be invoked to that the module requiring supervisor state be invoked? ... -- Input parameters include: Name of module requiring authorization, parameter list to module, CVT, TCB, SVRB ,ASCB address and a number of SERVER required information.
CMS-XML How has the way CMN uses component history info changed?
Component history list RPC (CMNOCHIL) and sample driver have been updated to the following rules for returning the most current component history. ... Current package, if CHILSRCPH='YES' and CHILFPKGN contains a package name . ... 4. Current package, if CHILFPKGN contains a package name .
PDF RLM HTTP Server Overview:
Chapters 1 and 2 describe various scenarios for deploying a war file to Tomcat using the Manager application . All 5 war files should be deployed using the same context name as the war file name:
CMS-XML XML service PARMS APL CREATE to clone application not populating ‘Default Unit Name’ parm
When running the XML service PARMS APL CREATE to clone an application the field ‘ Default Unit Name ’ on Application Admin Parms panel CMNGLP03 is not being populated and is blank.
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