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CMS-XML Approver.Pkg.List XML Service does not sort the returned approver entities correctly
<approverEntity>CMNLCADM</approverEntity> <approverDesc> Project Manager</approverDesc> <approverAction>3</approverAction>
scanned in the order of the join columns, and matching rows are joined. 3 - Sorts needed by ORDER BY, GROUP BY, SELECT DISTINCT, UNION, a
CMS-XML Problem using package list sort functions on user option variables
A customer has customised the package list panel CMNLIST3 to always display the contents of package user variable 0401 (&USR0401). When displaying the package list for the first time with default options all works well and this field is displayed for all packages. Even when the user enters the ‘sort usr0401’ command all continues to work well and the data is displayed for all packages and sorted in the expected manner.
CMS-XML Variables PROJECT + DEPTNO no longer populated correctly in CMNRPM03 panel
Variables PROJECT and DEPTNO are no longer being populated correctly in the CMNRPM03 panel. Prior to V5.5.1 they were always available and populated with the correct info.
CMS-XML Sort issue on panels CMNSTG01/CMNSTG12.
is not performed according to the PROCNAME listed but according to the procname stored. This is the result of "SORT PROCNAME" if all components
CMS-XML Application name from Primary Menu Option 6 is being incorrectly retained/used by Application Admin Reports dialog.
CMS-XML Checkin from ZMF Checkouts view always uses staging dataset – not personal library
The reporting customer was initially concerned about potential data loss in this situation if the user selects the ‘Delete Source’ option on checkin. However, research here shows that the member is not deleted from the personal library in this situation so this concern looks unfounded at this time. As it still exists in the library, the component can be checked in using the z/OS Projects perspective should this occur.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Problems sharing and synchronizing projects with ZMF packages
ZMF4ECL: Problems sharing and synchronizing projects with ZMF packages
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Unable to share empty project using Team functionality
ZMF4ECL: Unable to share empty project using Team functionality
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