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CMS-XML TT4ZMF: 'Exception in SendPage' error when multiple, simultaneous host access attempted
When a lot of data is concurrently being returned from ZMF to TT4ZMF for multiple users or multiple requests the 'Exception in SendPage' error message is returned to some of the sessions awaiting response. This customer-reported problem has been recreated in a TT 6.6.1/TT4ZMF environment.
CMS-XML 'Last Log Accessed' field incorrectly documented as being on panel CMNGGP05 on page 72 of the ZMF v5.6.2 Administrator's Guide
CMS-XML #SERx member does not update application SYS LPAR details at Server task startup
SYS2 X SYS 09979 SYS2 Having incorrect SYS LPAR details appears to cause problems with cross-LPAR access to XMLSERV ( e .g. no services to be listed
CMS-XML ZMF: Call to 'base' web services gives error " Non nillable element 'user' is null"
For example, if the logon method gives this error , verify that the ZMF Host address is accessible from the current machine. Make sure the port has been started and is listening, and verify the user name and password. As another example, if the freeze method gives this error, verify that the package exists, is in the DEV status, and has a valid Audit Return Code.
CMS-XML Mass IA table manipulation causing S0C4 in SERVER & U0937 abends
... -11 at SERVER +4B ... PSW AT TIME OF ERROR ... NAME= SERVER ... AR/GR 0: 00000000/17391 E 7A ... 7: 00000000/1732 E 768 ... E : 00000000/96205986 ... SER0954 E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=U0937 Function=IMPACT/DELETE NSI=164 E 3FD8 (dump suppressed) The customer has also seen other problems (not recreated here) accessing IA data after these problems commence. ... PSW AT TIME OF ERROR
CMS-XML Excessive licensing messages being issued by ZMF Server started task
... CSA for product access here in our ... the ChangeMan ZMF Server started tasks starts ... Date/Time: 2019/09/03 01:00:01 Key: 82 e 7ddb9 ... There may be other situations, but we have noted they are erroneously issued in the following situations (they are expected at start-up and midnight crossover): ... b) in response to any modify command being issued against the Server task.
CMS-XML Potential S913 abends/ICH408I errors writing to SYSMDUMP when abend occurs in XCH application
As recommended, a customer has their ZMF Server task configured to write dumps to a SYSMDUMP dataset. If an abend occurs under the XCH application ( e .g. with a user running ZDD or ZMF4ECL) attempts to write to the dump dataset are made under the connected user’s ID rather than the Server started task userid. If the user does not have UPDATE access to the allocated dump dataset, this is liable to fail with the following type of error : ... 002 INSUFFICIENT ACCESS AUTHORITY ... 002 ACCESS INTENT(UPDATE ) ACCESS ALLOWED(NONE )
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: SAXParseException error displayed in relation to failed user logon attempt
LOGON/JOB INITIATION - REVOKED USER ACCESS ATTEMPT ... We cannot reproduce the issue here on either a Tomcat V7 or V8 server .
CMS-XML Failures communicating with ZMF 8.1.2 Servers using older ZMF4ECL clients
If customers fail to do this and attempt to access a ZMF 8.1.2 subsystem using an earlier version of the ZMF4CL client then problems will be encountered. ... For example, attempting to access a ZMF 8.1.2 system using 8.1.2 GA web services build 229 with the old ZMF4ECL 8.1.1 build 322 client will fail with the following type of error :
CMS-XML V811A - SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S878 Function=STAGE/COPY NSI=016238CE
... receives SER0953 E COMP=S ... 12.54.40 STC04351 SER0953 E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S878 Function=STAGE/COPY NSI=016238CE 12.54.40 STC04351 IEA705I ERROR DURING GETMAIN SYS CODE = 878-10 CMNDAAO SERVER STEP1 00 ... 12.54.40 STC04351 CSV031I LIBRARY ACCESS FAILED FOR MODULE IDIXDCAP, RETURN CODE 24, REASON CODE 26080021, DDNAME *LNKLST* ... 088 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 070C1000 816238CE ILC 2 INTC 0D
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