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CMS-XML Intermittent S0C4 in CMNIMPFL, offset=8FA during audit.
PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 078C0000 800A1AA2 ILC 6 INTC 11 ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=000A 11A8 OFFSET=000008FA ... A: 00000000/800A 11A8 B: 00000000/0000D000 ... CMN2621A - Neither DB2 nor the IA Table are available, Terminating.
CMS-XML Incorrect table name in #VARLIST (AAMENMTB)
Incorrect table name in #VARLIST (AAMENMTB)
CMS-XML ERO: Release Audit SQL error table CMNCLCT - invalid DATETIME value
ERO: Release Audit SQL error table CMNCLCT - invalid DATETIME value
CMS-XML Table RPMLIBTB documented incorrectly in #VARLIST
In #VARLIST the following RPMLIBTB variables are documented incorrectly : TABLE NAME: RPMLIBTB DESCRIPTION: Promotion library table TABLE VARIABLE VARIABLE VARIABLE
CMS-XML Minor error in CMNEX027 table format description
A slightly confusing, cosmetic error exists in the sample source code that we distribute for CMNEX027. In changes made in CMN ZMF 5.5 we removed the ability to control the panel input from the exit. In removing this field from the CMNEX027 table the subsequent table entries in the description were not re-numbered.
CMS-XML Invalid ERR0417 caused by CIM table data discrepancy
An intermittent problem exists where once valid area audit ERR 0417! errors continue to be reported even after the affected component has been re-checked out from baseline, changed and re-checked into the release area. Investigation shows that the TXT_PRRLS_CKOTHASH (prior release hash token at checkout) and the TXT_CURLS_CKOTHASH (current release hash token at checkout) CMNRLSCIM table fields continue to show the incorrect, original checkout hash token value.
CMS-XML ERO: Multiple SQL -501 errors on CIM table
Customer is reporting multiple instances of SQL -501 errors appearing in their started task. These errors coincide with their audit execution and may be contributing to the other errors that they are receiving. The -501s are not preceeded by other errors and are not related to any 'unilateral' DB2 actions:
CMS-XML Several variable lengths in table RPMLIBTB in #VARLIST are incorrect
In skeleton member #VARLIST, the following variables are shown with the wrong length in table RPMLIBTB: &LIBTYPE shows length of 8, should be 3 &SHDWLIB shows length of 8, should be 44
CMS-XML SALTABLE table used during install file tailoring, contains incorrect values
The following variables are not set properly and contain blanks, in the SALTABLE table at install time. COMPOPT LINKOPT
CMS-XML Syntax error in CNTL member HSTALTER used to expand ERO CMNRLSHST Table
The existing syntax in CNTL member HSTALTER is incorrect . In the following code the ALTER command terminates after the first semi colon. The text following the semi colon is therefore not considered valid DDL:
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